?Please reply to my question? my brother yells, I stare at him, and wonder what he was asking. I and my brother share a warm relationship; we reveal most of our feelings and some of the secrets with each other. Chats about our friends consumed most of our friends, and in short our collage life would consume most of our study time. But of lately, there was something that had intruded our relationship, to put it precisely I was the one who stopped responding and interacting with my brother because of this new intruder. Well not an intruder wholly but partly. Because this intruder brought me into new relationship, and to some extend was helpful in keeping in touch with the old ones, which were supposed to be forgotten. It?s very difficult to draw the line between if this was good or for the bad for me.
So what was to happen to me and my life? I think everyone of you can imagine. Yes, there was some some sort of a barrier being built up in my home; I found it difficult to communicate with my family. Now I spent most of my time with the intruder and his friends. Ah! I didn?t call him intruder anymore. He became very close to me and my new relationships. I could hear him even if he was in my room in the first floor but couldn?t hear my dear mother yelling at me in the same room. Well, let me make it clearer, I better stop the personification technique I have been using so far. So the intruder is just a coloured little thing and is called as a mobile or a cell phone.
Yes, so the cell was supposed to be an efficient communicative tool, and that was the reason why it was given to me. But it turned out to the opposite. I rarely used the cell to communicate with my parents except when it was very significant. Most of the time it was used as an entertainment accessory. Late night and of course all day long long chitchats were increasingly becoming a part of my life, in a sense I was becoming addicted to it. This development was criticized by my parents. Though I was aware of this I didn?t bother to correct myself nor had any intension to head their advice. So ????.
Till day I haven?t got over the addiction but have made an honest attempt. I try to avoid using it when it is time for me and my family. But whenever I used to become more involved with the ?intruder? my brother used to scorn at me. But I used to ?you will come to know when you experience it? and he said ?That time you will also feel what I am feeling now?.
He didn?t have to wait long to make me realize that, Right now I Think he was right and he thinks I was right.!!!!!!!!!!!.So is it the weakness of our relationship ?or the strength of the ? intruder? ? So the intruder had once intruded my life but today he has intruded my way of life.

Author: Sindhu M.V- Indian Ocean