The Little Mermaid

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""Name : Chriselda Lewis
Date of Birth : 6th February, 2002
School : The Kindergarten Starters, Dubai,  UAE
Father : Christopher Lewis
Mother : Mary Lewis

Chriselda loves colouring, solving jigsaw puzzles, playing the piano, dancing  and singing. She takes classes in Classical Music and wants to participate in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa one day. Her favourite film is Baby’s Day Out.

The Little Mermaid Ariel is very cute and sweet among her all other sisters living in the sea. She loves earthly things and she falls in love with handsome Prince Eric. Ariel’s daddy King Triton sends the crab Sebastian to spy on her. Sea witch Ursula is very cunning. She wants Ariel’s daddy’s kingdom. But Sabastian, King, Eric and Ariel all will defeat Ursula. Ariel and Eric lived happily ever after. I love The Little Mermaid.




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