The Rescue

Name:  Kevin D’Souza
Age : 11 years
Father’s Name:  Stany D’Souza
Mother’s Name:  Lynette D’Souza
Sister: Rovina D’Souza
Place of Residence: Dubai

Kevin is studying in Grade 6 at St. Mary’s High School, Dubai.  He loves Singing and has bagged many prizes in Konkani Singing competitions. He also loves to play cricket & karate.

My sister says i am a very good story teller, so i wrote one more for you!

The Rescue

“Lights out in five minutes”, yelled the matron. How the children hated the dreadful matron of St. Patrick?s orphanage, especially David. David was only two years old when his parents had died in a car accident in Montreal, Canada. His aunt was very cruel and sent him to beg on the streets. After sometime she sent him to the orphanage. The orphanage consisted of 13 children – 7 boys and 6 girls.

David, unlike the other children, had a broken leg and limped when he walked. The matron thought he was a notorious prankster but the children thought he was their best buddy. The children had their own school and learnt subjects such as math, science etc. David was very naughty. He used to mix the tablets in the doctors clinic and the doctor took weeks to put the tablets in their places. Matt was David?s best friend.  The priest Fr. James, who took care of the orphanage was very fond of David and often used to chat with him and advise him to always be of help to others.

One day a man came to the orphanage and took Matt away.  Later we came to know he was adopted. David was very upset as Matt no longer stayed with him.  He managed to get Matt?s address from the priest and began sending mails to Matt, but never got a response.

Then finally after two months there was a letter from Matt. In the letter Matt explained that his foster father was very cruel and was beating him along with six other children. He was made to work all the time and was not sent to school.  David ran to Fr. James and told him what Matt had said. At first the priest did not believe him, but then, David showed him the letter. Fr. James was shocked.  He contacted the police and rushed to rescue Matt.     Matt came running out and hugged the priest and David.  He begged him to take him back. Fr. James felt terribly sorry when he saw the marks on his body. The police arrested the man and rescued all the children. 

At the orphanage, Fr. James praised David for being alert and informing him of the letter which really helped them to save the children on time.   David was extremely happy.  He not only got his friend back but was also helpful in saving the children.  He promised himself to always be of help to others in the orphanage.