The Tata’s & St Aloysius Connection! AMIT Signs MoU with TCS for M Sc-Big Data Analytics

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The Tata’s & St Aloysius Connection! AMIT Signs MoU with TCS for M Sc-Big Data Analytics

Tata’s & St Aloysius Connection! St Aloysius Institute of Management & Information Technology (AIMIT) Signs MoU with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) for M Sc (Big Data Analytics) Programme

Mangaluru : St Aloysius Institute of Management & Information Technology (AIMIT)-Beeri which is part of St Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangaluru has launched a new course in M.Sc Big Data Analytics in collaboration and support of Tata Consultancy Services from the Academic year 2019. The School of Information Technology at the AIMIT campus of St Aloysius College will host this programme at the specialized Big Data Labs. The country’s No.1 IT & IT Services Company TCS has now partnered with St Aloysius College in Designing the Curriculum, plus it will train the Faculty of the School of IT through its innovative Train the Trainer Programme.

The programme began with the welcoming address by the dean of IT Department- AIMIT-Prof. Santhosh Rebello, followed by introduction of the chief guest- Dr. Rajiv Noronha, the Vice President and Head of HR-Analytics and Insight, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) by Ms. Brilita Princy Cutinha of AIMIT.. Rev. Fr. Denzil Lobo SJ, Director of AIMIT, Dr. A. M. Narahari, Registrar, Dr. Vincent Mascarenhas, Dean of International Relations-St Aloysius College, Mangaluru, Prof. Laveena D’Costa, HOD of M.Sc Big Data -AMIT were present on the dais.

Chief guest-Dr. Rajiv Noronha, who is also a alumnus of St Aloysius College (1985-87) addressing the audience enlightened about the industrial RACE which abbreviates to Radical Innovation, Agile and Alliances, Collaborations and Entrepreneurial mindsets. He continued saying, how technology is changing every aspect of human life and Businesses at large.  He added that TCS plays a crucial role in training a large talent pool which will be beneficial to the growth of the country.  He has also mentioned about the quote of Jamshedji Tata, “Success depends on Stake Holders”;  and Tata’s contribution significantly in building and catering to the Societal needs. He then placed the road map with the plans i.e. design curriculum, video conferencing, internships and placement opportunities to students.

He further said, “Our intention to step into educational institutions was to make a change, and to make the right change we need to do the right thing, and it will help on a long run. We are expanding our strategy through MoU with renowned institutions, and St Aloysius Institution is among the right one we picked. Technology should go hand in hand along with interaction with the students and people. Success comes after we plant the seed, but we need to take care, nourish it and wait till the seed grows into a healthy plant- similarly is this programme. We are confident that our association with AMIT will be a successful one, and surely the M Sc-Big Data Analytics programme will reach greater heights”

Dr. A. M. Narahari, the registrar of St Aloysius College spoke about how TCS understands about human interventions. Without industry exposure, a project is done only for the sake of degree but in our institution, funds are allotted for the Research projects and publications of research papers which is beneficial to the students. “Nice to note that we are getting into Industry collaboration, and we need to follow in the footstep of Tata’s who are known for their value system. We should be glad that Tata’s have identified St Aloysius Institution, and therefore the present students are lucky to get this opportunity. It all depends on how we accept the gauntlet and reach greater heights through this collaboration with TCS. This is also an opportunity to get hired at TCS after education, and also a big boon for AMIT after signing the MoU with TCS” added Dr Narahari. He congratulated TCS for having MOU with St Aloysius College for M.Sc Big Data Analytics and for B.Com.

The Director of AIMIT, Rev. Fr. Denzil Lobo SJ congratulated Dr. Rajiv Noronha for his achievements and also expressed his gratitude towards the dean of IT department, Prof. Santhosh Rebello for his efforts. Fr Denzil shared his experience in the changing scenario of IT, and variety of courses added over a period of time. He said, “AIMIT – IT School offers MCA programmes of 3 years and Later Entry of 2 Years, M.Sc Software Technology and M.Sc Bioinformatics besides the M.Sc Big Data Analytics course. I ask the students to work beyond the subject lines and engage themselves in experiential learning such as undertaking the Real time projects. Analytical mind is important, but our education system is not promoting nor encouraging Analytical mind system. You have to do your best, but not everyone will no 1 , but try hard to be one. Let’s make this collaboration with TCS a worthwhile, so that it reaches greater heights and make us all happy”

“TCS has a legacy in innovating various solutions to the problems from Banking, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, and Analytics linked to these fields. The rich experience of TCS in these fields will certainly add value to the faculty and students engaged with this course; moreover the Academia Interface programme with TCS will also help understand the Tata ‘s Values & Critical Thinking applied in Solving problems beyond Technology” added Fr Denzil Lobo SJ. He thanked alumnus of St Aloysius College Dr Rajiv Noronha for accepting AMIT to be part a of the collaboration with TCS. Dr Noronha was presented with a memento on behalf of AMIT.

Following the the official signing of MOU documents by Dr. Rajiv Noronha and Fr. Denzil Lobo SJ. and both of them shaking hands and exchanging the documents, the Vote of thanks was conveyed by Prof. Laveena D’Costa, HOD of M. Sc Big Data Analytics.The programme was compered by the dean – Prof. Santhosh Rebello. The staff and students of AIMIT witnessed the MOU signing ceremony.

About Big Data Analytics :

Big data analytics sector in India is expected to witness eight-fold growth to reach $16 billion by 2025 from the current $2 billion, as per the opinion of industry experts. The sector is expected to reach $16 billion by 2025 and register CAGR of 26 per cent over next five years. According to the experts, India is currently among top 10 big data analytics markets in the world and NASSCOM has set a target of making the country one among the top three markets in the next three years. Most enterprises also grappled with the coexistence of data warehouses and big data lakes. Telecom firms and banks were among the first to move towards big data. Prior to stepping into big data, they were primarily driving their reporting systems through data warehouses with a variety of data management tools. As companies further explored extracting more value from their big data investments, it led to the rise of two major trends in big data: data monetization and Analytics as a Service. The big data architecture became more compact and abstracted heavily from end users. Data monetizing also played a role in another important transformation of big data.

During these two years programme the candidate will be exposed to the Applied Statistics, Mathematics, Information Technology and various Big Data Technology concepts. There course includes Theoretical instructions from the faculty, Practical learning, experiential learning through case studies, Research projects related to Data Science and it application and Industry Internship. The institute also gives more stress on students to take up the Massive Open Online courses (MOOCS) from Swayam, edx, Coursera, udemy, as a part of Self Study component.

During the course students have to take up the projects from Health, Travel, Hospitality, Insurance, Banking, Manufacturing, Import & Exports data, Bioinformatics data, etc to apply the Big Data methods and tools. This academic exercise will strengthen the capability of the students in Data Science and Big Data Analytics in solving real time problems which deals with large scale unstructured data get insights in several domains

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