The Valedictory Ceremony of St Aloysius Pre-University United Model Nations (SAPMUN) 2020

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The Valedictory Ceremony of St Aloysius Pre-University United Model Nations (SAPMUN) 2020

 ‘Become Agents of Progress and Development’- Mrs Beno Zephine, IFS at The Valedictory Ceremony of St Aloysius Pre-University United Model Nations (SAPMUN) 2020

Mangaluru: The valedictory ceremony of the second edition of St Aloysius Pre-University United Model Nations (SAPMUN), an educational simulation of actual UN committees was held virtually on 18 October 2020. Over 150 students from various High Schools and Pre-University Colleges from various parts of Country and abroad played different diplomats and ambassadors, representing different states, countries or organisations and discussed relevant national and global issues. Some of the issues like National Education Policy 2020, Women empowerment, resolving the Geopolitical unrest were discussed under committees such as Lok Sabha, United Nations General Assembly, United Nations Women, United Nations Human Rights Council and Disarmament and International Security.

Speaking at the Valedictory ceremony of SAPMUN 2020, the Chief Guest Mrs Beno Zephine, IFS, Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi asked the participants to take this experience as an initiative to present thoughts in a concise manner and inculcate self confidence. Mrs Beno, an alumnus of Jesuit institution asked the students to be a torchbearer of the Jesuit values-caring, sharing and living for others. She felt that such educational simulations help students to develop confidence, interpersonal skills and articulate complex issues with clarity. Mrs Beno also felt that SAMUN should be just a beginning and students should take this experience forward, become agents of change, progress and development, shine and light the lives of those who are less privileged.

In his message Vikash Kumar Vikash IPS, Commissioner of Mangaluru Police appreciated the efforts put in by the SAPMUN team and expressed that such events improve the diplomatic skills and develop awareness on the present world affairs. Srinivasan Nandagopal, former senior correspondent, the Times of India and Co-founder of Centre for Integrated Learning also addressed the delegates and supported the endeavour of SAPMUN 2020. In his address he stated that the UN is a symbol of bonding shared by humanity and simulation on the United Nations provided the right platform for students to understand global citizenship.

Nearly 150 delegated from various High Schools and PU Colleges took part in this event. Prizes were also awarded to the delegates under various categories. The chairpersons of respective committees declared the results.

United Nations General Assembly :

Chairperson- Arjun Nair
Best delegate -Turkey – Simran Syed
High commendation Russia – Disha Suvarna
Special mention China – GR Aashuthosh
Verbal mention –USA- Nigel Mascarenhas, India – Kenneth D’sa, Iran – Dhrruv Sharma

United Nations Women

Chairperson – Ms Sasha D’Souza
Best delegate-Canada – Yasmin Rosammal Daniel
High commendation-USA – Steve Thomas Shaji
Special mention-UK – Afrah Salam
Verbal mention-Sri Lanka – Dia Jayaraj, Philippines – Angela James

United Nations Human Rights Council

Chairperson – Dhruv Shah
Best delegate-Russia – Armaan Abedin
High commendation -China – Mohammed Riham
Special mention -France – Aarnav Alba
Verbal mention -USA – Aaryan Nair

Disarmament and International Security

Chairperson – Adithya Nayak
Best delegate -Jordan – Matthew Saldanha
High commendation-UK –Luke Lobo
Special mention-USA-Ved Prasad
Verbal mention –China- Vijay Krishna, UAE –Sanket Alva

Lok Sabha

Chairperson – Kunal Kherajani
Best delegate – Narendra Modi – Yash Alva
High commendation – Amit Shah – Akhilesh Bhat
Special mention -Hemant Tukaram – Aarushi Singh
Verbal mention -Deepak Adhikari – Sammridhi Salian, Dr Javed Mohammad – Lenin Coutinho

The Director General of SAPMUN 2020, Mr Naufil Kalam gave an account of the events conducted during SAPMUN and declared the closure of the conference. Jaseem Siraj President SAPMUN welcomed the chief guest, Ms Vandana Bhaskar, President of Students’ Council 2020 introduced the chief guest. Ms Sasha Lobo, Joint Secretary of the Students Council proposed the vote of thanks. The Valedictory programme was compered by student representative Ms Megan Aroza. The Principal, Rev Fr Clifford Sequeira SJ, staff and students of SAPUC also encouraged the students by their presence.

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