With the Theme ‘Live In Harmony’ SAITI ‘Sports Day 2017’ Kicks Off

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With the Theme ‘Live In Harmony’ St Aloysius Industrial Training Institute (SAITI) Annual ‘Sports Day 2017’ Kicks Off on 7 December at the Gonzaga grounds-Mangaluru

Mangaluru: Sports is good for all of us in daily life as it involves us in common physical activities under healthy environment. The environment of sports becomes very competitive and challenging for the sportsmen so they focus on the challenges put in front. The physical beauty of the person involves in making the humanity of him. There are a variety of sports played accordingly by the people in various countries. Sports help us in many ways all through the life. Sports are the way to big achievement in the student’s life apart from academics, however, depends on their active involvement and experiences they already have. Getting interested in any of the sport gives a worldwide identification and lifelong achievement. Facing challenges of sports teaches us to tackle with other challenges of the life as well as survive in a competitive society.

Keeping all that in mind St Aloysius Industrial Training Institute-Mangaluru organized “Sports Day 2017” at Gonzaga Play Ground on Thursday, 7 December. The students splendidly marched with pride and elegance in their uniforms to mark the opening ceremony led by President of Student Council, Tilak to the tune of St Aloysius Higher Primary school Band. The students pledged the Oath led by Subhas, along with the other group leaders of various groups that participated in the march past. The flag hoisting was done by Chief guest -Pius L Rodrigues- Board Member of Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, and also an alumni of St Aloysius Institution, along with guests of honor namely Fr Dionysius Vaz Sj-Rector of St Aloysius Institutions, Vincent Mendonca- Principal-SAITI; Fr Eric Mathias Sj- Administrator,Director-SAITI; and Noel Lobo – Convener of SAITI Sports Day 2017. The Sports Day was inaugurated by releasing the balloons in the air.

The welcome address was delivered by Vincent Mendonca, following which the chief guest Pius Rodrigues in his inaugural address said, “Everyone like sports because it is a useful means of entertainment as well as a way for physical activity. Both are character building in nature and give a huge level of body energy and strength. If one has involved in the sports and games activity, he/she has good mental and physical growth and development. It lets us learn many necessary things in life. It helps us in developing our personality, confidence level and maintains physical and mental balance. Being interested in the sports and games activities make us learn about how to tackle difficult situations in the life and keeps the body relaxed and the mind free of tension. Sports and games are activities which makes a person more capable, with high-level efficiency.”

“In the modern education system, the sports has been made an integral part of the education to make education interesting, tension free and enjoyable. Education is considered as incomplete without sports because education with sports activities draws more attention of the children towards study. And for that matter, I know that St Aloysius Institution gives ample opportunities to the students to take part in sports activities. Even though I was a student of this prestigious institution, where I did my vocational course just for a week, but I felt like I had been at this institution longer. The discipline and education, and the love and respect shown by the management and teachers are impeccable and needed to be appreciated. You are all at a good institution- avail all the opportunities that you get here- excel in sports together also in your academics” added Rodrigues.

Fr Dionysius Vaz Sj addressing the gathering said, “Some of the sportsmen became interested in the sports and games from their childhood, some from birth as God gift, however, some of them create interest to the particular game or sports in order to go in that area and earn name and fame. Some of us need inspiration and motivation from our parents, teachers or famous sportsperson, however, some of us have God gifted inspiration. Athletes having interest in the sports, play sports with their best effort even when they defeat or lose. They already know the fact that they will win some and lose some. They become very disciplined all through the life in order to get success and be ready on time. They do regular practice with full commitment towards their sport.”

“Just like in life we sometimes win, sometimes lose-similarly in sports a few will win, and a few will lose. The principle is competing against yourself. It’s about self-improvement, about being better than you were the day before. Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better. Win If You Can, Lose If You Must, But NEVER QUIT! It is participation in sports that matters rather than winning. Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there. The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination. Best of luck”, added Fr Vaz.

A prize was given to Mechanical Motor Vehicle (MMV) II nd year students for being “Best in March Past”. The vote of thanks was proposed by Noel Lobo, and the ceremony was compered by Robin Vas- a faculty at SAITI. The sports events were handled by Physical Education Teacher of St Aloysius Higher Primary School-Arun Baptist. The valedictory ceremony was held in the evening with N G Mohan- Commissioner of District Scouts and Guides, and also Alumni of SAC, and presided over by Fr Eric Mathias -Director of SAITI. Prizes were distributed to the winners in various events. The welcome address was delivered by Vincent Mendonca-Principal, SAITI, following the vote of thanks by Noel Lobo, the day-long sports meet ended with the National Anthem.

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