Three Children Killed, 7 injured in landslides at Kumta

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Three Children Killed, 7 injured in landslides at Kumta

Kumta: At least 3 children were killed and other 7 people sustained serious injuries after a massive landslide near Divgi NH66 on Sunday, June 11.

The deceased have been identified as Dhanush Manjunath Ambig (1), Yateen Narayan Ambig (7) and Bhavya Narayan Ambig (8). All residents of Divgi.

According to sources, Due to the incessant rains lashing parts of coastal Karnataka including Kumta, a landslide was reported on NH66 near Divgi which killed 3 children and destroyed houses in its path. In the unfortunate incident, about 7 others were severely injured. All the injured were immediately rushed to the Kumta government hospital for treatment.

Vehicles from both sides of the highway have stranded since the road is completely blocked in the landslide. Immediately after the incident, the Officials arranged for earthmover machines to clear the soil from the road and the work is in progress. Police personnel along with the fire brigade too rushed to the spot.

The road widening work for four lanes of NH-66 is in progress in the area. Due to the heavy rains, the soil loosened and caused the landslide.

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  1. This appears to be an entirely man-made disaster.

    National Highway Authority of India builds the highways (= a lind of development we all want) by cutting through the hills.

    But, the deep gorges created by the workmen are not covered with something, so the unprotected surfaces cannot deal with the heavy rainfall.

    This results in landslides. Landslides are very common in heavy rainfall areas. But the Indian designers of the highways do not seem to give much thought to the surfaces of the terrain exposed by them in their work.

    I am sure we will hear more of such disasters in the coming years.

    So, ideally people should build their houses far away from the NHAI work. But where can the poor go?

    Poor will always pay the price for progress.

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