Tiger Shroff considers himself a ‘mazdoor’

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Mumbai, April 23 (IANS) Actor Tiger Shroff says that he is a “mazdoor” who likes to work hard at everything in order to stand out in the film industry.

“I’m a mazdoor, I really like to work hard at everything. There are so many talented actors in my contemporaries and my seniors… I seek inspiration from each one of them,” Tiger said at the launch event of the song “Get ready to fight” from his upcoming film “Baaghi” here.

“I know that if I have to establish my identity, I have to stand out and try and be a little different so that people notice my hard work,” he added.

About the song, he said: “This song is definitely going to serve as a motivation throughout my life, it’s something that we are hoping will last beyond the film. I dedicate it to the youth of our country who want to get fit and who want to express themselves in some way or the other”.

In the song, Tiger is seen involved in some intense training sequences in the martial arts form of Kalaripayattu. He also trains his love interest in the film, Shraddha Kapoor, into beating up the bad guys.

“I was blessed that I had a strong base in martial arts. Since Akshay Kumar ji had already started this trend, I thought maybe people will accept me if I come and show a little bit of martial arts in this film. In ‘Heropanti’ luckily I was accepted for my action and a bit for my dancing as well,” Tiger said.

Tiger, who is the son of actor Jackie Shroff, said it was a “physically demanding” role.

“It was very physically demanding role, we were trying to show a different kind of action, there were some difficult stunts as well. We had lot of workshops and training, so I was prepared for most things coming my way, but that fear used to be there before doing every stunt, but that fear gave me strength because of which I could perform it,” he added.

“Baaghi” is releasing on April 29.

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