TKK Celebrates Tulu Parba 2016 with Grandeur

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TKK Celebrates Tulu Parba 2016 with Grandeur

Kuwait witnessed a grand extravaganza of drama, traditions, dances, folks, dance skits, Yakshagana and much more during the Tulu Parba 2016. Continuing the tradition of the last 16 years, Tulu Koota Kuwait (TKK), led by president Harish Bhandary, organized ‘Tulu Parba 2016’, at the American International School, Maidan Hawally, Kuwait recently.

Shashiraj Rao Kavoor and Ashwitha Surendra Poojary highlighted the activities of Tulu Koota Kuwait. Lawrence Pinto, Muralidharan Nayar and Suresh Attavar along with President Harish Bhandary, Advisory committee and managing committee members inaugurated the programme by lighting the traditional lamp. A souvenir commemorating the event was released in a unique manner.

Vice President Wilson D’Souza welcomed the gathering followed by the welcome dance (Ganesha Stuti) by the students of Prathibha School of dance. The audience were later entertained with a variety of performances such as Folk Dance Janapada Vaividhya (Concept & Direction- Satish Acharya, Choreography- Dhanraj Talapady and Durga Prasad) by Tulu Koota members and a variety of dances by Prathibha school of dance (Choreographer – Rajashree Prem) such as Kalkki- Contemporary, Semi classical -Dashavatara, Semi classical- Cinematic and Bhoshambo fusion. Dancers and Choreographer of Prathibha school of dance, Rajashree Prem was highly appreciated by the audience for the variety of dances, coordination of dancers, costumes and perfection.

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The highlight of the day was the superhit ‘Parbada Minadina’ which displayed the important festivals of Tulunadu including Bisu, Chauthi, Ashtami, Aati Amavasya, Eid, Christmas and Diwali) in a dance drama. It was directed and choreographed by Vidwan Suresh Attavar and his daughter Mayuri Attavar of the Chakrapani NrityaKala Kendra, with around 100 TKK members and kids participated as dancers and actors and kept the audience enthralled for almost an hour.

After the cultural spectacle, people anxiously waited for the comedy Tulu drama ‘Adimel’ by most popular comedy actor Navin D Padil, famed entertainer Bhojraj Vamanjoor, recognized and versatile actor Aravind Bolar, the eminent writer-director Shashiraj Rao Kavoor and musician Guru Bayar. They had a social message delivered, wrapped in the most comical dialogues and extraordinary acting by the legendary actors of Tulu film industry.

All the sponsors were felicitated with a memento for their contribution to the event. TKK committee members Shalini Vijay, Ronald D’Souza Mulky, Sushma Bangera, Gokuldas Bhat, Visiting artistes Bhojraj Vamanjoor, Suresh Attavar, Guruprasad Bayar, Shashiraj Rao Kavoor, Aravind Bolar and Navin D Padil were felicitated with flowers, shawls, fruits and mementoes by Lawrence Pinto, Fr Alban D’Souza, president Harish Bhandary, advisory committee and managing committee members. They also expressed their gratitude towards TKK for honouring them. After the presidential speech by President Harish Bhandary, Lawrence Pinto, Fr Alban D’Souza spoke a few appreciating words on the TKK activities and the programme.

Scholarship and certificates of appreciation for academic excellence were given to meritorious 10th and 12th standard students who are children of TKK members. Mayuri Attavar and Roomel D’Souza (for being selected for in the Under 14 Maharashtra Hockey Team) were felicitated with a memento.

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After the vote of thanks by Cultural Secretary Satish Acharya, the curtain was raised for the long-awaited Tulu comedy drama ‘Adimel’. The 50 minute’s drama scripted by Shashiraj Kavoor, directed by Naveen D Padil succeeded in meeting the audience expectation with its rib-tickling comedy and emotions. The storyline was on how social media is affecting today’s generation and divide the families. The talented visiting and TKK artistes Naveen D Padil, Bhojraj Vamanjoor, Aravind Bolar, Shashiraj Kavoor, Satish Acharya, Praveen Kodakkal, Chandrahas Shetty and Lionel Rayan Ajekar enacted the drama and entertained the audience with their power-packed performances. Music was provided by Guruprasad Bayar. The stage setting was done by Pradeep K Adyar, Johnson D’Almeida and Praveen Kodakkal.

The programme was well coordinated by Satish Acharya. Tulu Parba concluded with the singing of the National Anthem.

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