‘To Love is So Simple, Yet We Hate’- a Book by Plant-Based Lifestyle & Research ‘Coriander Cave’ Released

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‘To Love is So Simple, Yet We Hate’- a 112-page Book by Plant-Based Lifestyle & Research by Coriander Cave Released, and authored by Marvin Fernandes, Mangaluru-a Researcher, Social Activist and Co-Founder at Coriander Cave; Inspired by Ms Urjita Parkar; Creative Director-Uday Parkar; Brand Name-Tejol Kolwalkar; Edited and coordinated by Raau Parkar; and DTP-Jayesh Tawade

Mangaluru: Coriander Cave -, is a plant-based lifestyle and Research Centre, that values the gifts of this Earth and its core values are to abide by the divine law. The working pattern of Coriander cave is built to support the acts of nature and also allow humanity to develop with its progress. The simplicity in Coriander Cave’s lifestyle is designed to flourish naturally without painful attempts and yet achieve transformational results. This brings Coriander Cave to a degree that not only widens its growth but also opens channels to explore the unknown. Coriander Cave portrays simplicity in their daily lives with which loving each other becomes so simple.

The objective of publishing the book is to help the mass understand the power of connectivity. Nature and Features of the book: it is an Indian-based book; plant-based; research and analysis; Canine Distemper story; Natural potent medicines; Innovations; Organic Family; Nature and its connectivity; Abstract Art; Food, health and cooking (Food is medicine) and The Headquarters (story) The book is about: True stories, events, acts of sensitivity, divine law, free minded abstract art, introduction to naturally healthy living, insights, intense meaningful quotes and delightful pictures.

OVERVIEW of the Book: A journey inside The Coriander Cave filled with activities, stories, research, plant-based lifestyle, I innovation, medicine and much more.; The power of Nature and understanding connectivity; How to value the gifts of the Earth and live a healthy Life?; Motivation, inspiration, quotes, insights and much more; The book revolves around plant-based lifestyle; The intense journey plant-based The miraculous story of 8 dogs and their battle against Canine Distemper virus.; “BLOH”-Wellness; Organic Family, Disease Reversal, Mind, Body, Health (Insights with quotes); Gatta Tech A  Innovation; Chapter of Sol’s (A healthcare revolution); and A beautiful gallery with loads of pictures of this meaningful journey. To summarize- “Simplicity” is too ‘complex’ one can choose simplicity to find a solution whereas one could use complexity to find the exact solution”.

The Book was released at a programme held at St Peter’s Primary School, a Government aided school having 150 students located at Kottara, near the Infosys building in Mangaluru-the dignitaries for the occasion were – Mrs Patricia Lobo-Headmistress of the School; Mrs Veera Tauro- Animal Activist and Animal Lover; Animal Activist Raau Parker Artist and Director @Coriander Cave; Urjita Parkar Founder @Coriander Cave, Marvin Fernandes-Researcher, Social Activist and Co-Founder @Coriander Cave, among others.

Speaking on the occasion, Mrs Veera Tauro said that God has created this beautiful Nature and given the power to humans to look after it but humans are destroying and misusing it. So one has to stop nature and start loving the environment, animals, and birds and maintain the balance in the ecosystem team. We need to love and take care of stray dogs which are much more lovable than breeding dogs. Raau Parkar said ” Art is not just color, brush and canvas. Art is your imagination and imagination is limitless. Urjita Parkar said ” People often realise various changes happening in their life. To most, physical and mental health is deteriorating and they face an immense challenge to restore their health with this unhealthy mindset and low-energy body one faces unpleasantness due to ill health. And with this one can spread only “Hate”.

Also speaking on the occasion, author Marvin Fernandes said, “One has no destination, even if one arrives at a point, one can never conclude. Looking back at what brings me to understand that life in its process goes through various changes. These changes help us gather marvellous experiences that we can utilize for our development and also participate in the acts that support the development of the planet. The state of unawareness in one’s mind is a key factor which determines his/her strength and courage to choose the path that takes him/her to an unexplored journey and allows one to open up new methods or patterns of learning which adds an abundance of adventurous and exciting moments in every step of life”.

One of the volunteers of the Coriander Cave team Vernon Tauro entertained the audience with his BeatBox talents, which enthralled the children and they wanted more. Before the programme, all the children were treated to a sumptuous breakfast of Bread/Butter/homemade jackfruit jam and a natural drink. A video of nature’s life was shown to the children, and Marvin interacted with the children and encouraged them to show love towards nature, plants and animals. The programme was eloquently and meticulously compared by Raau Parkar, who also demonstrated his artistic talents to the children. School teachers were gifted with goodies from Coriander Cave.

In conclusion, Life in every form is specific and knowing the duties as a small part of the giant cell is our utmost responsibility. One can only walk away from it for a short period but has to return to its role as a diversion from the original path can be only delayed but cannot be neglected for a long time. One needs to worry that the world is about to END, but instead should work diligently to understand the gifts of nature and use them wisely and share and cherish its memories with others, in return one will find its life so valuable that every act carried on mindfully will add beauty to life.

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