To Seniors With love! Friends of Vidya Dinker celebrate New Year vowing to love Seniors

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Mangaluru: Better late than never, as they say, it was a Grand, Small and Sweet “New Year’s Celebrations” organized by the Friends of Social Activist Vidya Dinker at the Lobo’s River View/Cascia Tile factory-Bolar, Mangaluru on Saturday evening, 9 January 2015. Just like the Awards Selection Committee of ‘Friends of Lawry’ had unanimously selected firebrand human rights activist – Vidya Dinker, to receive the “Lawrence Pinto Human Rights Award-2016, in a similar manner, “Friends of Vidya Dinker” decided to launch a get-together to congratulate her for being the recipient of the prestigious award.

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The “Friends of Lawry” had chosen Vidya Dinker for this “Human Rights Award” taking into consideration – the many years Vidya has dedicated to selflessly fight for people’s rights; For taking on the might of the state against the displacement of locals (specially the poor), under the SEZ project; Her valiant fight for ecology and in defense of the hapless trees being felled in the name of development and progress; For standing-up bravely against the terrorism of the saffron brigade; Doing all this, almost single-handedly, being a woman. And to all the movie buffs who have been enjoying watching the Bollywood movie “Dilwale”, they should be thankful to Vidya, because she was the one who fought for human rights, and was successful in getting “Dilwale” to be shown at the theatres in the City, after activists of saffron group had blocked the screening of the movie. We the Friends of Vidya, compliment her for her efforts in fighting for the human rights against these goondas, and also congratulate her for being the recipient of the “Lawrence Pinto Human Rights Award-2016”.

Vidya-new-year-elderly-10012016 (8) Vidya-new-year-elderly-10012016 (10) Vidya-new-year-elderly-10012016 (17) Vidya-new-year-elderly-10012016 (19)

The crowd for this “New Year’s Celebrations” predominantly comprised of mostly seniors in their 60’s,70’s and 80′, with a bunch people in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s adding charm to the vintage revelers. The occasion also marked the birthday celebration of young and bubbly Elvis impersonator “Jossie Rego” on his fruitful 76 years of revelry life on this planet. Hap…Hap..Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day, Birthday Boy! The celebrations comprised of games, housie-housie, singing, music; and off-course dancing, where the vintage revelers got on the floor and unleashed their dancing talents, proving that old-age don’t stop them from doing what they did in their younger days. These cute little women and men vintage revelers simply rocked!

Vidya-new-year-elderly-10012016 (20) Vidya-new-year-elderly-10012016 (21) Vidya-new-year-elderly-10012016 (23) Vidya-new-year-elderly-10012016 (25)

In appreciation for the affection and love shown towards her by her friends, Vidya Dinker addressing the gathering said, “It’s indeed a privilege to be felicitated amidst all you and an honour to be blessed by elderly friends.  I am overwhelmed by your gracious presence here, and I also feel happy that my dear mother is with us. While we are stepping into year 2016, Lets dedicate this year to the elderly in our homes and our neighbourhoods. We need to reach out to youth on responding to and caring for seniors and their needs of companionship. It doesn’t need you to do much…just give a little of yourself and your time, its not about money or gifts! Let’s all vow to keep our dear elders happy and beaming with joy during 2016-let’s bring miles of smiles on their faces and make a difference. Thank You for all the Love!”

Vidya-new-year-elderly-10012016 (28) Vidya-new-year-elderly-10012016 (31) Vidya-new-year-elderly-10012016 (37) Vidya-new-year-elderly-10012016 (40)

The crowd were entertained and enthralled with musical performances by Jossie Rego, Rtn Herman Pereira, joined by a young musician Joylene, who rendered some oldies by Elvis Presley, Neil Diamond, Johnny Cash, and others, with a touch of Konkani songs and local Baila mash-up. The trio also featured songs of legends of Rock-n-Roll, played high energy Rockabilly, the way it sounded in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s…raw and rockin’. Exciting, yet family friendly, they were very much liked by the audience, who represented a clean cut family atmosphere. The crowd even called for encores, and the trio obliged them with no hesitation. It was a grand celebration with all the love and efforts put in by Jossie Rego to make his friends, especially the seniors happy. And they all did enjoy every bit of the small and simple New Year bash, one that they will remember forever. Kudos to Jossie Rego and his family, Herman Pereira, FM Lobo and his son Ian (Lobo’s River View) and the team for putting up a grand show.

In conclusion, showing love and care towards elders, I myself, used to volunteer at a nursing home and knew of a teacher, around 90 yrs. old and she was smart as a whip! I love older people and would never hurt or harm an elderly, or anyone for that matter. People need to love one another, and be kind to others. I would want someone to be kind and good to me in my older years and take care of me if I needed taking care of. Well…I do believe in the act of giving to others, and being there for them, even if they need a friend or someone to listen to their problems or even if they wish to talk or chat about their past experiences. One can learn a lot from elderly folks, and older people can give good advice as they are much wiser then younger folks.

Vidya-new-year-elderly-10012016 (42) Vidya-new-year-elderly-10012016 (46) Vidya-new-year-elderly-10012016 (48)

I know of some folks that can help me if need be, and I take heed to their words and I listen. I try not to make too many mistakes but we all make mistakes and we all sin at times, as no one is perfect or sheer perfection, so do try and listen to others that been there and done that. If you still do not wish to listen to others that ‘ been there, done that’ then do try and listen to your parents as they are a lot smarter then you may think, know or even realize. I loved my mother, and she was a very intelligent and smart woman and she would help me out and talk to me. She was always gentle and kind in her manner and I will always be grateful to her. I know she is gone now, but I still dream about her at times and dream about the homemade delicacies she would make. Then I wake up thinking she is there but know in my heart and soul, that she is not.

Vidya-new-year-elderly-10012016 (52) Vidya-new-year-elderly-10012016 (53)

Please do not take elderly for granted, and love older people, care for them, talk to them, as they need love and caring too, and you can talk to elderly people about problems or a dilemma you may be facing, they just might be able to help you out. I hope my article was of some help to you and many others in this world. So this New Year 2016 take a pledge to love and care for the elderly folks. Thank You and Take care!

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  1. GREAT NEWS.. Touching to See The Elders Embrace Dear Vidya. In difficult , Risky Situations, She Took A Brave Stand..The FRIENDS Here , Truly Deserve CHEERS for Embracing Vidya and Showing Love and Affection. Which Vidya Gives unconditionally. The Tough Little Soft Girl.!!!!…and Dear ALFIE, as always, has done Brilliant Reporting with a FEEL…..HAPPY NEW YEAR..Guyzzz –Jerardin D’souza – MAA- Mangalore Alzheimer’s Association

  2. Dear readers,

    By looking at this pictures there is still hope remaining to find ‘smart people’ are still available to represent the ‘smart’ city.

    Why are those young educated youth not standing with this Iron lady of Kudla, who became victim of Pub attack,Morning mist and love Jihad.

    Well they need one more rounds of ‘Pink Chaddi’ to be couriered to dry the hate flooding persons.

    I strongly believe if this like minded old and young come together, these dozen trouble makers will be history.

    Jai Hind

  3. Nice Article, well done Vidya, we really very proud have a sister like you and we all will join you soon

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