Today’s Students, Future Doctors! 150 Join 20th Batch of MBBS Course 2018-19 at Fr Muller

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Today’s Students, Future Doctors! 150 Join 20th Batch of MBBS Course 2018-19 at Fr Muller Medical College, Mangaluru

Mangaluru: Wow! I was overwhelmed, proud and felt great to be the ONLY media person at this glamorous Inaugural celebration of the 2018-2019 MBBS Course at Father Muller Medical College {FMMC}, Mangaluru, held in glamour and fervour. On the outset before going further into details of the inaugural report, I want the new students enrolled with this prestigious and renowned Medical Institution for the 20th Batch of MBBS Course of 2018-19, to memorize the Institution Anthem, which has thoughtful lyrics, and that they should recite it at every Father Muller Charitable Institutions events, with pride and dignity. The lyrics of the Institution Anthem goes like this:

“We come to comfort and to heal, to love and serve in woe and weal We come to comfort and to heal, to love and serve in woe and weal. Let a mighty chorus swell and soar beyond the skies. As white-robed bands with healing hands to daily tasks arise, And eager limbs await their hour with aching, grim surmise. While fading visions float before half open, gleam less eyes. Let the name Augustus Muller proudly write in gold, Flame across Karnatak’s vast and Bharat’s millions hold, In admiration of his zeal whose vision bright and bold, In Mangalore’s fair bosom raised its home of peace untold.

Hail! dear home where tender care beguiles disease and pain, Where love divine inspires & lifts the failing heart or brain., Live on and grow till humankind its destiny attain, And healing reach on wheels and wings the distant home or plain. Come, Doctor, live your noble Hippocrate’s bequest, Come, Nurse, by, Nightingale inspired, forget your broken rest, Come all who soothe in ways unsung Humanity’s unrest, Let’s all as one, with love pursue the toil by millions blest.”

Indeed one of the BEST Medical Institution anthem one could ever have, and the students studying at Fr Muller Medical College should be proud to sing that anthem without any hesitation. The inaugural programme of the 20th Batch of MBBS Course 2018-19 held at Muller Dine, inside Fr Muller Convention Centre on Friday, 24 August, began with an audio-visual prayer song, followed by welcome address by Dr Jayaprakash Alva-the Dean of FMMC, where he gave a brief description of the Institute. He said, ” Father Muller Charitable Institutions have been touching the lives of thousands of people for the last 138 long years. The institution founded by Father Augustus Muller in 1880 stands out as a hallmark of medical service and education in our country. With its motto of “Heal and Comfort”, it is committed to bringing healthcare solace to the suffering humanity. Our hospitals focus on installing sophisticated precision equipment, non-invasive diagnosis and surgeries and other state-of-the-art techniques with quality and ethical service. It provides super speciality treatment with state of the art facilities with experienced doctors following world-class healthcare practices.”

And while concluding Dr Alva said, “All you 150 students are now welcomed to the Mullerian family, and this will just be a Home for you away from your home. Since its inception 20 years ago, FMMC has always implemented few principles and those principles still continue, and among them are following Discipline, Dedication, Commitment, Hard Work, and Respect to the teachers and elders. And my humble request and I want to see that before I retire in the nearest future, that at least this 20th batch should get 100% results in your final exams, and make an history in the two-decade old FMMC. Best of luck and welcome to the Mullerian Family”.

The programme was inaugurated by lighting the lamp by chief guest, Prof. Karanam Uma Maheshwar Rao, the Director of NITK, Surathkal, along with other dignitaries on the dais namely- Fr Richard Coelho-Director, FMCI; Fr Ajith Menezes and Fr Rudolph D’sa, {both “handsome Young Priests”, as mentioned by Dr Alva in his welcome address} the Administrators of Father Muller Medical College, and Father Muller Medical Hospital respectively; and Dr Prakash Shetty- the coordinator and Professor of Anatomy for MBBS Course.

In his inaugural address, chief guest, Prof. Rao said, ” It’s nice to note that FMMC is not only having an inaugural ceremony but also having an introduction session and also an Orientation for the freshers, this will really enlighten them and get the fear out of them entering into a new institution. My early young life was not a smooth one, but I have climbed the ladder of hardship, even survived illness, and now God has blessed me with what I am now. I am an Engineer, and doctors are different from engineers, where they deal with human beings, where I deal with rocks being a mining engineer. I speak to rocks, which may sound crazy. I was a flamboyant boy, very naughty, careless, etc during young days, but gradually I changed on experiences later”.

He further said, “Never take anyone’s ideas or decisions, instead make your own decisions, and think always of success and accomplishments. Humans are different from animals and plants, because we have the ability to think, and when you don’t allow your mind to think there is no purpose to your existence. Remember discipline comes on its own. Don’t give up in your life, till your last 1% of life. Be connected with nature, know yourself first. Your profession is your life-saving profession, so carry it forward with care, love, dedication, commitment and hard work, serving the suffering. Best of luck in your medical field”.

Two IInd Year MBBS students namely-Miss Eileen Roy and Libnus Varghese shared reminiscences/thoughts/experiences among the Freshers, giving them a hope and courage to carry on during their 4 1/2 and one year tenure at FMMC. Even a parent of a fresher, Bobby Joseph spoke and complimented FMMC for being one of the best medical colleges, and so he had decided to enroll his son at FMMC. In his presidential remarks, Fr Richard Coelho said, ” To all these 150 new MBBS students I want to say that you will be among the Mullerian family. You are lucky to be in the 20th batch because a big celebration is planned soon being a two-decades-old institution. Why students pick our college-because of many reasons, and we do things in a different way.”

“Just like you can’t learn to swim through a correspondence course, similarly you can’t be a genuine doctor through a correspondence course. You need to learn the skills, do practicals, etc etc- and FMMC will provide all the facilities and equipment that you need to pursue your academic career. We are here to fulfil the mission started by Father Muller and we still continue after 138 years of this institutions existence. We care for the poor, and we have given discounts in crores of rupees to the needy patients. With our motto of “Comfort and Heal” we are always ready to serve the suffering and the needy. You all should follow in the footsteps of Fr Muller and a make a difference in the community. Welcome to the Mullerian Family, and best of luck” added Fr Coelho.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Dr Prakash Shetty, while the programme was compered by Miss Tanisha Charles- IInd year MBBS Student. Following a tea-break, a documentary on the history of FMCI was screened, then followed by Self Introduction of Freshers; College Discipline and University Regulations briefed by Dean Dr Jayaprakash Alva; and Campus Life and Hostel Rules briefed by Fr Ajith Menezes, the Administrator, FMMC.

I end this report with a few thoughts expressed by Libnus Varghese, of his experience during his two years MBBS at FMMC, which would be useful to the freshers :

“The first year is a year of transformation, the transition from the elder most in school to the younger most in the College, transition from a path confused student to a professionally oriented one. Trust me, MBBS is really tough, it’s a demanding course, but I can assure you it’s worth It. Our college is 100% ragging free. I am lucky to have my sweet and kind seniors, and fortunately, this trend is still in fashion, and you too will be proud to have us, as your seniors! So no ragging peeps! Seeing your adventures of owning a real boneset, to dissecting the cadaver (dead body) with the utmost professionalism, your parents and non-medicos will consider you half a doctor there itself! Their reaction is just priceless! We MBBS students, even satisfy the saying, we have given our blood and sweat, You people will understand this line, after pricking yourself with a needle on a daily basis in physiology practical! In the end, I would like to conclude by saying that- This is our home, away from home. Being the best is not important, but doing the best is all that matters. Don’t stress, give your best, Enjoy the rest! Thank you!”

Concluding with Father Muller Institutions Anthem:

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