Top 5 Ways To Practice Yoga While Traveling

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Yoga is sought after and practiced by billions of people across the world for its holistic effects on health and mind. It helps you stay calm, focused and improves your health by a significant margin. While practicing yoga is not a big deal at home, things may go haywire when you travel. With so many things to take care of, can you practice yoga while exploring a seaside town or mountain city? The answer is yes, you can practice yoga while touring -with careful planning and preparation.


Below listed are a few handy tips that enable you to do yoga when you travel:

1. Carry yoga accessories

Whether you travel to a forest or a hillside town, carry the yoga clothes and accessories. Make it a point to carry a yoga mat all times. This ensures you can practice yoga postures in hotel rooms. You will find yoga travel mats that can be neatly folded up even in handbags and do not weight much either. You also need to pack yoga clothes for practicing postures while traveling.

2. Yoga resources on the move

Now that the internet can be used when you travel, accessing yoga resources should not be tedious. If you carry a laptop, it is easy to browse the web and look for yoga video tutorials. These will help you perform yoga poses with precision when you travel. Keep some time for such session in your hotel room every night. It would be a great idea to download some such video files in your laptop and that way you can use them while raveling even if internet connectivity is not available.

3. Time management

When traveling, finding time for anything can be tough. Activities like sightseeing and unplanned things take up a lot of time. However, you need to be determined and keep a fixed time for yoga every day. It could be after you return to the hotel every day.

4. Choose a suitable environment

For some people, practicing yoga while travelling is actually easier, but it also depends on your travel destination. If you travel to a serene and less crowded mountain, city or forest destination, trying yoga is not hard. You can find a quiet spot near the accommodation for practicing poses. Such quiet surroundings actually help you in focusing the mind.

5. Find new yoga centers

If you go for relatively long vacation to a place, finding a yoga center is a good idea. In many travel destinations, especially seaside ones, you will find yoga centers offering courses for tourists nowadays. Search and compare such packages online and enroll for a suitable course. There are some centers that also offer outdoor yoga classes for a more natural experience. You will learn newer yoga methods and postures eventually!

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  1. A few sets of Soorya namaskaara and padmaasana can be done pretty much anywhere as long as you have around 6 feet of free space around you. It doesn’t matter if you are in putturu, uppinangadi or Las Vegas.

    Note – Out friend AS Mathew should try yoga with an open mindset. It will help him recover from ajeerna!

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