Total Negligence? Trimmed Tree Branches Occupy Precious Parking Space near KCCI Bld

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Total Negligence? Trimmed Tree Branches Occupy Precious Parking Space near Kanara Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) Building near Bunder, Mangaluru

Mangaluru: While it’s a hectic time to find a parking space in Mangaluru City, but on the other hand when there is enough parking space it is either taken by street vendors or in this case, by fallen trees or trimmed tree branches. Trees and branches that were brought down by rain a few days ago in the City causing havoc on the roads have still not been cleared by Mangaluru City Corporation. At many places, the fallen trees and branches have been piled up on the roadside, and MCC officials have turned a blind eye towards it.

Many times when these fallen trees and branches are left unattended turn hot spots for reptiles and insects. They are also blocking drains, or easy flow of water, also causing water to stagnate. And especially when it rains heavily, there will be water-logging, due to the menace of these trimmed tree branches lying on the ground. And to note the ignorance of the MESCOM workers, when they trim the tree branches which are on the way of electric lines, they leave back the trimmed tree branches- and the mess lies there for days until a responsible citizen makes a complaint to the concerned persons.

Now coming to the real story of this report: on 2 February 2019, the inauguration of approach concrete road to Kanara Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), interlocking MCC car parking area and MCC toilet building was done by Mohammed Kunjathbail, the Deputy Mayor, Mangalore City Corporation, joined by P B Abdul Hameed, president, KCCI; Office-bearers, past presidents and directors of KCCI; Abdul Latif, corporator, Bunder ward; MCC dignitaries, engineers, and other eminent merchants of Bunder.

But the sad part is that even though a nice interlocked parking space was constructed, the officials of KCCI and MCC have turned a blind eye against a bunch of fallen/trimmed tree branches at three locations in that parking area, which literally take the precious parking space which is really needed in that area. When KCCI is always on the forefront of beautifying and developing the City, how come they never noticed the menace of trimmed tree branches, which take quite a portion of that parking area- and that too their office premises being very adjacent to this parking area. Seems like total negligence and carelessness by the officials.

Only hope this report will be an eye-opener for the concerned officials in the MCC, and a message to the respected Board members of KCCI to do the needful in rectifying the issue- BECAUSE PARKING SPACE IS VERY PRECIOUS IN MANGALURU?

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