Traffic and Civic Issues Dominate Police Commissioner’s Phone-in Programme

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Traffic and Civic Issues Dominate Police Commissioner’s Phone-in Programme

Mangaluru: Week after week, it seems like the citizens have the same kind of problems that they are facing with traffic menace and other MCC neglected issues, when they call with their grievances during the Phone-In programme handled by Police Commissioner TR Suresh. This morning, 16 March callers highlighted inconvenience owing to haphazard parking, bad footpaths, deteriorating interlocks, rash and negligence bus drivers, illegal parking by two-wheelers etc. The phone-in programme, which was initiated by his predecessor M. Chandra Sekhar, has been continued forward by TR Suresh- and even though not all, quite a few citizens problems have been rectified- and a few still to be solved.

One caller said the problems caused by haphazard parking of lorries on some of the busy city roads- trucks are parked for unloading of goods obstructing movement of vehicles. Another caller said city buses move on all the three lanes of the road between Clock Tower Circle and A.B. Shetty Circle that slows down movement of vehicles. Another caller said of problem caused to pedestrians because of parking of vehicles of a showroom on the road. The caller said apart from parking of vehicles, the showroom operators have placed barricades barring people from using the pavement. A merchant from Central Market urged the police to get the vendors move out of the narrow roads leading to the market.

Other grievances heard by the Police Commissioner from the callers were : No bus shelter since years near Padil-Alake junction; Two-wheeler riders are speeding, without helmets, some riding triple in the Sooterpet-Gorigudda area; Need a barricade near KPT since it is hard for KPT/ITI students to cross the road during peak hours; vehicles parked near central market creates inconveniences for citizens to walk or shop; Speeding buses are safety hazard for pedestrians and smaller vehicles; Two-wheelers are always parked on the footpath near SDM college; In spite of No Parking sign posted, vehicles are seen parked near Brindavan Restaurant-Highland/Falnir, causing inconveniences for other motorists; Buses are being washed/parked on the roadside near KPT junction;

“Last time Mayor Kavitha Sanil had advised not to place no parking signs in front of businesses- but Hotel Surabhi near KSRTC bus stand still does, which makes parking for others hard, when they want to go to the medical shop nearby; Some private buses are skipping their schedule, thereby putting commuters in hardship; some buses have stopped plying on Sundays; Interlock bricks near Balmatta circle have deteriorated causing safety hazard to vehicles, especially two-wheelers; Right turn on the busy highway in front of Padua College/High school is creating traffic chaos and also dangerous; Way too may flex hoardings put up by businesses, entertainment agencies, politicians etd is indeed a menace, which needs to be looked at.

Auto Rickshaw drivers are always speaking on their mobile phones-if requested not to, they reply with harsh words; New and old vehicles being brought to a Hyundai showroom near Baikampady Industrial estate is creating lot of inconveniences for others- and they also speed; Need to stop the moving of CB and other heavy earth movers during peak hours-also a safety hazard issue for motorists; Many of the footpaths have openings in between, which pose danger to pedestrians; Bus shelter are being used by beggars and stray animals, which makes hard for commuters to use the facility; Lot of safety concerns near Jokatte Railway crossing- and also buses park in the front blocking the movement of other vehicles; High bus Foot Board which makes hard to enter/alight, especially for senior citizens- the former DC who said that he will rectify this issue left without any action?

These are among the many grievances that the citizens called in and requested Police commissioner to take action- and in reply T R Surseh assured them of quick action from his side if the problems belong to the police dept- other issues will be communicated with MCC or other departments to solve the problems. Suresh also promised to launch a special drive to clear encroachment of roads and pavements. They will also check vehicles to ensure that they have proper number plate. Action will be taken against buses that do not follow lane discipline, he said. Regarding flex hoardings/banners the DC has issued strict warning, and few cases have already been registered. Anyone putting up flex hoardings/banners will be dealt with.

Ms Uma Prashanth- DCP-Crime; Manjunath Shetty- ACP-Traffic; Hanumantharaya-DCP-Law; Kumaraswamy- Police Inspector-North Traffic; Sunil Kumar HF- PI- East Traffic; Chandra PSI-South Traffic; K H Yusuf -ASI, CCRB Unit; and B Shyamsunder -ASI-CCRB unit were present during the phone-in programme

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  1. Poor Police Dept. – Phone-in Program is a good way to interact with them – but then one can see why there is no similar program with the Mangalore Municipality or the Public Works Dept, or with the Minister-In-Charge, who are the actual authority to oversee and build or maintain on a regular basis all the bad roads drainage, and pavement and as well to foresee parking or roadside vendors.

    People must first be the CHANGE to see the CHANGE, and only they can solve the appalling situations or conditions that people in general, complain of in Mangalore or in India.

    Unimaginable taxes are collected as revenue in sales of all vehicles and apartments and shops – and one can only wonder what is ailing India in general – is it Funds or is it proper utilisation.

    India is the largest importer of arms and ammunition in the world. Our PM is the most travelled man in the world. One can read all these headlines – so how come people in India do not have good roads, drainage, pavements and other amenities and facilities.

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