Traffic Cops Crack Down on Violators After Kundapur Tragedy

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Traffic Cops Crack Down on Violators After Kundapur Tragedy, Seize Mini Truck Carrying 45 people

Mangaluru: Traffic police checked and penalised many Omni cars, school buses, autorickshaws and two-wheelers for violating traffic rules at Navabharath Circle, Bendur Circle, Rosario and Suratkal here, on June 22.

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At Navabharath circle, an Omni car was found carrying 16 students from various schools. When the police stopped the vehicle, the driver said that he would reduce the number of children from June 23. Another Omni car was found carrying 18 students, and its driver also assured of reducing the number of students from June 23. The Traffic police filed cases against both the drivers for violating traffic rules.

In another case, an auto driver was found carrying 9 students, the oldest student belonged to 9th standard while the youngest belonged to LKG.

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A number of two-wheeler riders with children riding pillion were found without helmets. Some women were also found violating rules. When the police questioned one of the two-wheeler riders for not wearing the helmet, he said, “Yesterday night, I slept late so forgot to wear the helmet.”

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Near St Agnes Circle, many two wheeler riders were found violating the traffic rules. Some were found wearing helmets after seeing the cops. Many rode off without stopping when asked to stop. Their vehicle numbers were noted by the cops, and the others were warned and penalized for breaking the rules.

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A long chassis Jeep (Force), bearing number KA 19 D 8427, had packed 24 school children, all the way from Farangipet while the capacity of the vehicle is 12+1 (driver). Parents should first think about the safety of their children and see how safe they are when travelling to school in such conditions. Only money matters for drivers of such vehicles. The tragic incident on June 21 at Kundapur is a stark reminder of the danger of sending children in overcrowded vehicles, where the safety of children is given least consideration.

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When 5 to 10 cows are transported in mini trucks, there is a hue and cry by the protectors of cows. But when up to 45 humans are transported in the same mini truck, no one notices. Are human beings worse than cows?

When spoke to one of the women on the said mini truck, she said that they come to Mangaluru from Kolnad/Mulki every day. They are labourers and have been doing some concrete work in the Wenlock hospital. There were 6 kids, 15 women and 24 men when the traffic police seized the mini truck bearing registration number KA 19 6882.

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Speaking to, ACP Uday Nayak said that it is the duty of the RTO to check these vehicles but they wait for the police report. “So far none of the vehicles dropping students that were checked today are registered in the RTO. Any vehicle that is registered to drop children to school with the RTO is not allowed to carry other passengers, so the owners of such vehicles do not register with the RTO. Vehicles that are used to drop students to school should first be register and should then carry a yellow coloured number plate.”

ACP Uday Nayak also urged the parents to not put their children’s life at risk by sending them by auto or Omni car or any other vehicle which are not safe and designated for the purpose to save Rs 100 or Rs 200. “Life is very precious and parents should ensure the safety of their children first, rather than wait for a tragedy to happen.” He also said that many a time people say that the police are not performing their duty well, and that they book innocent people only for a day, even though the people are found violating traffic rules. “If people understand their duties well and follow the traffic rules, we can make this world a better place to live in,” he said.

Checking of vehicles will continue until people follow the traffic rules. Rules should be strictly adhered to and school going children who are pillion riders should also wear helmets, he added.

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  1. The Transport Dept. has woken up too late.

    They are aware of all the above photographed
    means and modes of illegal and hazardous
    transportation taking place right under thier
    nose. Unless, they are manning the roads
    blind or blank.

    Like everything else, in a week’s time, once
    again life will carry on as was – legal or illegal!

  2. Where were these traffic cops all these days? Who are they trying to fool? On any given day you can find 100 different traffic violations near our school/college campuses without much effort!! How come traffic police pretend to do their job only after a major tragedy?

  3. Alas! if past experience is any indication, such enthusiasm lasts for not more than a week or so. Hence this Hindi saying “Hum Nahin Sudhrenge”. But it’s possible to change it. Parents must insist for authorised school vans at affordable rates during their SDMC meetings and see that selection of drivers is done with utmost care.

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