Transit One: Hitting the Ground running with Determination

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Transit One: Hitting the Ground running with Determination and Passion


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”The Value of an Idea, lies in the using of it” – Thomas Edison

Mangaluru: After the glittering launch ceremony held on November 20th, Ecologic Habitats has within a month hit ground with the construction works of the widely talked about commercial real-estate sensation ‘Transit One’, A theme based mall on the NH-66, Thokottu, on the outskirts of Mangaluru.

Outlining the measures adopted for the Ongoing construction stage, “we are now, in the process of giving shape to our vision. Transit-one started out as an idea from our ideation desk. After a great deal of brainstorming & meticulous planning, Transit one, now is an idea whose time has come.”


We assure that highest standards of construction practice is being adopted and best talent pool in the industry is being raked in for the development of the mall. Emphasizing on the quality control measures, we are leaving no stone un-turned in delivering a top notch product. Ensuring ‘Quality’, is our best business plan.

On the planning and construction methodology, we have list out the various procedures and quality control tests carried out at site at various stages which includes Exploring of multiple design options for optimum design efficiency, multiple structural validations by experts, Soil and water tests, Testing of construction blocks for desired quality etc… Ecologic Habitats, is now in the process of sourcing the expertise of a leading national de-watering consultant team, for the necessary safe de-hydration of soil to carry out foundation works. The systematic implementation of best practices and adoption of cutting edge technology towards the achievement of highest quality is what we proudly claims is the ‘Ecologic Difference’.


The response to the concept has been overwhelmingly positive, with the Boutique stores in the 3rd floor being completely sold out before the launch.
The Execution team is targeting the completion of civil works for the foundation and two floor slabs before the arrival of the monsoons. Come 2018, Mangaluru will usher in to welcome the newest additions to its prized Architectural glories.

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We seek the support and good-wishes of its customers, investors and the Aspirational folks of the region towards the successful completion of this Journey!

For booking the space contact: 91-9741070000, 0824-6066666

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