Travel on Pathetic Arya Samaj Rd Stretch is Akin to a Ride on a ‘Camel’s‘ Back- Just Bumpy!

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Travel on Pathetic Arya Samaj Rd Stretch is Akin to a Ride on a ‘Camel’s‘ Back- Just Bumpy!

Mangaluru : Once a nice looking road layered with interlock bricks couple of years ago, at present the situation of Arya Samaj Road is very shameful to explain, however, if you describe the condition of this stretch of the road, it is nothing but in SHAMBLES, PATHETIC and very DISGRACEFUL, and totally DISASTROUS? But has anyone living on this road has ever complained to the concerned authorities, other than two residents, namely CA Sunil Gonsalves and Dr Vishnu Prabhu-I guess rest of the residents are happy to travel on this dirty road. Just a while the laborers finished working on constructing new Under Ground Drainage- and once their work was over, they didn’t care to fill the potholes and other dug up areas-rather they left it unattended, and with the rains lashing the City for the last couple of days, the entire stretch of Arya Samaj Road has become slushy, and it’s worst that a Paddy field?

Heavy rains, along with heavy traffic taking this route has formed a worse-case scenario for repair crews who are struggling to find and fix all the emerging potholes. But are they doing the job right. I don’t think so. Throwing some loose stuff in a hole and just hoping the traffic driving over it will fix it, will not serve the purpose. The evidence now says otherwise. I think the only way to solve the current pothole mess is to lay a two-layered concrete road with a seal coat but the problem is, our authorities I bet are busy playing blame games. By the way, have you taking this road recently- If you haven’t, please try to stay away from it!

Instead of fixing this road first, our MCC officials are busy resurfacing inner-lanes with brand new interlock bricks. But when it comes to fixing the bad roads they are slow and careless. As long as cheap quality tar is being used and layered too thinly, we will continue to have these problems every year. It’s an obvious pattern and I wonder why nobody is looking into this, or better yet, our city officials should visit other metropolitan cities in India or other countries and see how they are coping with this matter. Without any delay, MCC should undertake a major exercise to refurbish City’s dilapidated roads, including Arya Samaj Road.

Looking at the pathetic condition of this road this morning, I immediately called a Engineer at MCC and explained to him the dire consequences motorists and pedestrians are facing traveling or walking on the Arya Samaj Road, for which he agreed to look into soon and do the needful. I hope he will take action,a as promised. I even approached one of the supervisors of the road construction firm, who was supervising a truck unloading gravel- and urged him to fill the deadly potholes created by their laborers by today- for which he agreed to do so. Hoping this guy too will keep his word? How can we ever call this City a SMART CITY, when we see a bunch of dilapidated and potholed roads existing at every nook and corner- and our Hard Working and Dedicated MCC Officials and Engineers are enjoying their days working hours in the comfort of their Air Conditioned cabins. Bah humbug!

Driving on Mangaluru streets, and for that matter, even on outskirts of the City, is like an obstacle course. Drivers keep swerving and maneuvering to make sure they miss every pothole. These potholes have also worsened the chronic traffic jams which Mangalureans face everyday, and anyone who has had the misfortune of commuting on these streets will testify what a great pain the ride is – literally – owing to the numerous potholes that punctuate the road. I bet a ride on this stretch is akin to a ride on a ‘camel’s’back- just bumpy!

Potholes aren’t just a nuisance for drivers; they also constitute dangerous safety hazards that can produce substantial damage to vehicles, force drivers to veer suddenly in traffic, or even cause the driver to lose control of a vehicle after contact. The gaping streets can also damage a car’s alignment and suspension system. The city crews should take quick action to fix the potholes before they get deep and worse — thereby avoiding severe driving hazards and vehicle damages. So, while waiting for these roads to be restored for a smooth ride, just brace yourself because it’s once again pothole season in Mangaluru. And for sure, the MCC authorities will not take any action, until a major accident takes place, due to potholes? Until then bear with the potholes or curse someone at the MCC— and still keep driving safe. And just avoid taking “the above mentioned road” if you can at the moment ?


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  1. Dear Alfie, find out who is the local Corporator yourself and tell the Residents to call Him as ask Him How Much He Wanted Under The Table. I know who He is and I dealt with Him few time but it was like Pouring the Water on the Rock where Nothing Grows. I wish Ms.Hapsibha Koralpathy should have been the Commissioner to trap these Crooks. What We have now do not take matters seriously. Most of the Gulf returns are walking on the that Road but none cares. Corrupt builders do not care because they live in their own palaces.
    Why are you banging Your head,let the locals take action.
    Corporators do not want to do anything on main road because they get kickbacks as per the interlocks laid on side roads. Also they get vote during next elections. This is the status of Mangalore Corruption Center.

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