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Enchanted Islands of Maui and Kauai

(Part 2 and last article of our Hawaiian trip) The beautiful tropical islands of Hawaii have their origins in the erupting volcanoes over the Pacific...

A Trip to Narahari Hill

If you are ever stuck in Mangalore with a traveller's block and wondering where to go or if you have about three to four...

Ruins of St Augustine Church at Old Goa

Old Goa has the credit of having a number of churches which have been included in UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Among these...

Pondicherry – A Dream Destination

After almost four months in Chennai, I thought it was high time I visited Pondicherry.  It would be a shame otherwise as people may...

Our Brief Visit To Mangalore

On February 25th 2008, two coaches of senior citizens pulled into the grounds of St. Aloysius College, Mangalore. We Elderhostelers had been touring India...

Wagah Border – Beating Retreat Ceremony

A visit to Amritsar is not complete if one does not visit Wagah to witness daily beating retreat ceremony at Joint Check post at...

Kolkata – My tryst with destiny

I never thought in my wildest dreams, that I would get a chance to go to North India and when I got it, I...

Jinhae Cherry blossom festival – Korean Spring Bloom

After a tortuous and frosty long Korean winter of almost six months, when all the trees shed their greens and stand out like bald...

Arasinamakki: One Free and Many Memories

Pay for one and take one free was the offer forwarded to me by my friend, from a homestay. I am usually not the...

One Free and Many Memories – Album

                                          Author: Nagaraj Nadig- Bangalore

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