Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel syndrome or IBS is a group of symptoms and not exactly a disease. It is often termed as a syndrome. The group of symptoms includes abdominal pain and problems in bowel movement. It is often related to stress and is said that it is a just a side effect of it. IBS Medication has already affected over 23% of the population all across the globe, resulting from a poor quality of life.

Types of IBS

Depending on the type of symptom, IBS can be classified into four different classifications:

1. IBS-D caused due to diarrhoea
2. IBS-C caused due to constipation
3. IBS-M caused due to both diarrhoea and constipation
4. IBS-U is caused by symptoms apart from the above two Problems faced due to IBS

Technically there are some specific problems that people with IBS face but it differs from victim to victim. Loss of power to hold and expel faeces and constant stomach aches are the main problems faced by people who are suffering from IBS. Many people also complain about the following problems:

● Stomach cramps & pain
● Abdomen cramps and pain
● Nausea
● Vomiting
● Weight loss

Your intestines become very weak or sensitive, causing the main problems. People suffering from this ailment often make a useable toilet the main focus of their travels. Due to their irritable bowel, they often cannot hold in their faeces and need to excrete it at the earliest.

Remedies for IBS

One of the main causes of IBS is stress, hence trying to de-stress yourself is the most important way to fight IBS. Along with that, there are a few more things that you can opt for if you want to control these problems.

● Experiment with fibre – This will mainly help you to deal with constipation. Limiting certain fibres and increasing the consumption of others can help you to get rid of the irritation. Once you have understood the exact ratio of the consumption, you can go ahead and incorporate it into your daily diet.
● Eat at regular intervals – Make sure that you do not skip meals and eat small portions at regular intervals. This will also help you to regulate your bowel movement.
● Avoid dairy products – Try using incorporating more curd and yoghurt products in place of dairy products. At the same time consume food that contains calcium and protein in place of the dairy products.
● Drink a lot of liquids – make sure that you are well hydrated at all times!

How can Grocare help you?

Everybody is equipped with some good bacteria to fight off this bad bacterium caused due to IBS. But at times when the resistance falters, you get affected with the symptoms. The best to get a proper diagnosis is to get a checkup done if you have any of these symptoms. Once diagnosed you can take the aid of Stomaid and Acidim, from Grocare, to treat the problems of IBS. They are herbal products that will help to relieve gastric symptoms and indigestion. They will treat IBS from the root cause.

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