Trevorrow’s lack of female blockbuster directors’ comment draws criticism  

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Los Angeles, Aug 24 (IANS) “Jurassic World” director Colin Trevorrow has come under fire for sharing his opinions about the gender imbalance among directors of big-budget studio films.

Trevorrow, who was earlier announced as the director of “Star Wars: Episode IX”, responded on Friday to a Twitter user asking if he thought he would have been hired for “Jurassic World” if he were female, reports

“I want to believe that a filmmaker with both the desire and ability to make a studio blockbuster will be given an opportunity to make their case. I stress desire because I honestly think that’s a part of the issue.

“Many of the top female directors in our industry are not interested in doing a piece of studio business for its own sake. These filmmakers have clear voices and stories to tell that don’t necessarily involve superheroes or spaceships or dinosaurs,” Trevorrow wrote.

Trevorrow’s suggestion that female directors aren’t interested in directing superhero or sci-fi films ignited vocal frustration from actress Jamie King, who tweeted: “It’s unfortunate that you believe this.”

In response to King, Trevorrow attempted to clarify his thoughts: “I believe that there is an imbalance in our industry that needs to change, and it will. If I’m muddling my point, I apologise,” he tweeted.

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