TV premier of Baba Ramdev’s biopic on May 1

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Mumbai, April 29 (IANS) Yog Yatra, a full-length biopic on the life and times of yoga guru Baba Ramdev and his close friend Acharya Balkrishna, will be premiered on Sony TV on May 1.

The 90-minute biopic, written and directed by Kaveta Chaudhry of ‘Udaan’ tele-serial fame, was originally intended to be presented as a corporate movie by the Patanjali group.

It traces the life journey of Baba Ramdev from a yoga teacher to corporate leader with his Patanjali group.

Chaudhry said she spent months researching for the film. Even during the shooting, the script required rewriting to bring to life real incidents which shaped the lives of the two yoga teachers.

“Yog Yatra came to me with Acharya Balkrishna’s plans to make a film on their institution. I convinced them to expand its scope to including the vision behind Patanjali and their activities,” Chaudhry said.

Acharya Balkrishna lauded Chaudhry’s work and her creativity.

“Her passion and flair for story-telling makes us happy she was a part of our forward journey,” he said.

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