Twenty Cutest SMS for Her

Twenty Cutest SMS for Her

Sometimes, a simple message can make your beloved shine all day. No matter how long you are in relationships, you still need to remind your partner of how much they mean to you. Writing a simple text message won’t take a lot of your time (especially if you use our suggestions from the ready list), but the result will be amazing:

· The candle can melt, the fire can extinguish. But my love for you will always be burning in my heart!

· What is good in life without you, my love? You are not like everyone else – you are gentle, kind, and you are breathing comfort, warmth, and tranquility. You are the best person I have met in this world; I love you very much and would like to be with you always!

· Among the thousands of greenhouses, I found one amazing, beautiful flower, fragrant with the scent of tenderness, sophisticated to its roots and sparkling inimitable beauty. This flower gives me happiness and pleasure, joy and inspiration, love and hope. This flower is you, my love.

· You do not need to be flattered because I love you just the way you are. You are my best teacher, and I constantly grow when with you. You are the person that inspires me for new achievements, and I do not even sometimes understand what I did to deserve such an angel to be called my girlfriend.

· When I visit great places, when I eat the best delicious food or listen to the perfect melody, any of these seems to be dull and incomplete. Because I cannot divide the pleasure of experiencing it with you. Only when we are together, I feel the real taste of life, and when alone, the world seems not a pleasant place to be at. I want to share every emotion with you and make

sure you are living your best life. Wake up and say hi to this world; we have so much yet to taste, experience and remember forever.

· You are as tender as the most magical forest, as tranquil and wild at the same time as the streams of the most crystal-clear ocean. You have so many sides to you, and I love every one of them. Each day, I feel the happiest man in the world because I spend this day with you. I will never be tired of exploring the depth of your soul and all aspects of what we call love for the two of us.

· Everyone is looking for happiness which is inextricably linked with love. In you, I found a sense of life, joy, and good mood. You are my inspiration, the meaning of existence, my dream come true.

· I don’t quite remember myself without you; it seems that my life was incomplete. How funny it is that two halves of one soul were born at a different time at different places many years ago just to grow up, travel, live to find each other and finally feel like one whole. You are the best thing that could happen to me, and only with you, I feel as if I am living to the fullest.

· Eyes brighter than stars, a smile warmer than the sun, laughter louder than a stream. You are my ideal; I dedicate to you these lines. More beautiful than all women in the world, prettier than any flower. How lucky I am that I have met you. I remember the delight of beautiful eyes; there are so much light and good in them. I am gifted with your smile, speech, and gait and forever amazed by your beauty.

· You are beautiful, smart and reliable. You are my best friend, soulmate and beloved person. Without you, my days are dark like nights, and my summers are cold like winters. I am doing my best every day to show you how much love to you there is in my heart; unfortunately, there are no words that would ever explain it.

Warm words received in the morning will set any girl in a positive vibe for the day. Especially when people get up on the wrong side of the bed; it is so important for them to be reminded that they are loved. All single Russian girls appreciate things like this! Here are just some simple examples:

· Good morning, my dear baby! I look forward to hearing you call me.

· How long is the night without you? I am desperate when missing you. Wake up soon and save me!

· Wake up, darling; you have a lot to do: charge the people around with positive vibes, hit the passers-by with beauty, and see me in the long run.

· Do you hear birds singing? They are for you, I know. The sun gives you warmth, so that you get up and help it shine; otherwise, our world is destined.

· Get up, my dear, get up! Smile to meet the new day. Remember that I love you; do not lose a positive attitude.

· From the very morning, I wish you a beautiful day, my dear. The whole world is waiting for you; wake up soon and make it even more beautiful.

· Who opened their beautiful eyes? This is my lovely lady! Let the sunny, joyful day stop waiting for you.

· Come out, meet this new day soon! Rays of the sun will touch the face; morning came, wake up, dear.

· I missed you all night long, call me soon, I am begging you.

· Good morning, this is your personal horoscope, compiled by me: today you will succeed in all affairs and undertakings. You have been already lucky in love, though, because you have me, who composes all this.