Two Indians killed in Kuwait blast

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downloadKuwait City, June 28 (IANS) At least two Indians were among the 27 people killed in the bombing at a Shia mosque in Kuwait City, the Indian embassy said.

Rizwan Hussain, 31, of Sultanpur and Ibne Abbas, 25, of Ambedkar Nagar were both from Uttar Pradesh, an embassy statement said.

A suicide bomber hit the mosque on Friday during noon prayers, killing 26 devotees and injuring 227 in an attack claimed by the Islamic State. The attacker also died.

The embassy has advised the Indian community in Kuwait to take precautions for its safety and security in the wake of the blast.

Over 800,000 Indians live in Kuwait, forming the second biggest expatriate community after Egyptians.

Most Indians are employed in the private sectors and are workers, technicians, engineers, doctors, chartered accountants and IT experts.

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  1. Sorry to hear the loss. Two innocent guys killed for no apparent reason other than mad hatred based on some tribal fantasy. I doubt if Sharia Shaikh will ever denounce the real reason behind these killings.

  2. Once again our Mr.Original Atheist find selective in comment.

    Sir, Why did you forget to send your condolence when Dylaan Roof,who shot dead nine person in a church in Charleston in America?

    Why the mass media termed a ‘gunman’,lone wolf’ and ‘shooter’ instead terrorist?

    Why did 56 inch Modi government asked NIA to ‘go-slow’ in saffron terror investigation?Is RSS political wing BJP afraid of investigations and want to honor ‘clean chit’?

    Jai Hind

    • Once again, Sharia Pandita refuses to say anything on those ‘peaceful’ acts from yesterday!! Instead, he continues to blame everyone else!! I am surprised that he still hasn’t crossed the border to join his friends in Syria!!

    • Why the mass media termed a ‘gunman’…. – Shaikh

      Mr. Sheikh,

      The atrocities that are being carried out in the Levant and Nigeria tell the whole story. Can you pl. quote some new verses from somewhere which justify that? (NOT to say that stuff written somewhere or the other can justify the mayhem that is being carried out under the guise of some opiate called RELIGION?.

  3. Did Dylaan Roof who shot dead nine people was a terrorist, and so was Fahd Suleiman Al Qab’aa, but here is the difference.
    Dylaan killed because he was part of the white Supremist group which had no connection with religion, but Fahd Suleiman killed because he considered Shia’s as infidels which has everything to do with religion.

  4. dylaan killed because he was part of the white supremist group-Mr.Jay

    Sir,The rights of blacks has been deprived in decades in Arathaid South Africa and so the colonial approach towards the black skin has never changed.

    Read the history of Australian aboriginals or French colonialism of Haiti the systematic brutality is nothing less than Roof.

    The same narrative,false stories and imaginary fears of take over by ‘Blacks’ in US or the minorities in ‘India’, are responsible for increasing racism and hate crimes.

    Sadly, mass media is yet to learn to be responsible in this regard.

    So Wade Michale page, Andres Breivik, James Holmes and Dylann Roof are never described as terrorists but as ‘insane gunman’, ‘white supremacist’, ‘Temple shooter’, ‘Extremist’, or ‘Fundamentalist’.

    Muslim shooter= entire religion guilty

    Black shooter= entire race guilty

    White shooter= mentally troubled lone wolf.

    It is rightly said new media lost its credibility and gratitude.

    Jai hind

    • Sir, you state “The rights of blacks has been deprived in decades in Arathaid [sic] South Africa and so the colonial approach towards the black skin has never changed.”

      I am not qualified to either defend the rights of blacks, or castigating the whites for what they have done, and what they are doing.

      Representing a whole race is fraught with problems. Media usually does it. Simplifying such issues is not that simple.

      However, did you know that about 30% of Saudi Arabia’s population (and a sizable portion of other GCC countries) is made up of the African origin people? They were brought as slaves.

      And guess what Saudis call the African origin citizens even today?

      They call them Abd (= slave).

      Do these Abds get equal treatment? No. They are still in the third-grade category in Saudi Arabia.

      How many Abds are in the Shoura Council, the supreme appointed body of lawmakers – similar to our Rajya Sabha? None.

      How many Abds get teachers’ jobs? Hard to imagine if any get there!

      There is much more on Abds in the GCC. But I will let you investigate and write – in the interest of all the readers.

  5. SMR. Who ever blames an entire race or religion is 100% wrong, and in the same breath I would add that who ever covers up and refuses to speak against injustice should also be condemned.

    You are asking me to read history and all what happened several centures ago, but have you read Bill Durant’s book the Take over of India, this alone has left 80 million dead and counting. This is the single largest genocide in the World.

    In the present day you want to see what is going on, then please go to a website and you will see that since 9/11 there have been over 26240 terro attacks in the past 13+, this works out to about a 6 attacks a day. This website does not account for the terror attacks that were foiled, and if you add them them there the figure goes up by twice.

    By the way things are going this blood letting which has been going on for hundreds of years and is not going to stop in the forceable future. Especially, when people deliberately and intentionally twist the truth and blame every body else for their short comings, other than themselves.

  6. Both Manga(L) and Roy seem to be upset with Sharia Pandita simply because he had the audacity to blame their western masters as opposed to his daily ritual of blaming it all on sanaathana bhaaratha and modiji. smiles…

  7. There is much on slaves in GCC-Mr.Mangal

    Sir, The slavery is long before abolished in Islam by Prophet Muhammed(peace and blessing upon him).

    The last sermon of Prophet Muhammad which he delivered at Hajj, the annual pilgrimage made to Mecca by Muslims all over.

    “All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action. Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood. Nothing shall be legitimate to a Muslim which belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it was given freely and willingly. Do not, therefore, do injustice to yourselves.”

    Remember, one day you will appear before God (The Creator) and you will answer for your deeds. So beware, do not stray from the path of righteousness after I am gone.

    Habshi,Bilalal are the black companion of him stayed with him all along his life.

    When Islam has asked to abolish ‘slavery’ the great tide of ‘slaverisum’ began by the European colonials. The slavery is so rampant that blacks are forcefully taken as bonded labour on board the ships in danger voyage and many times thrown due health and food shortage in to the open seas. The Indians do share the same pain of slavery which took them to aliean nation like Guyana, Caribbean,Fiji where sugar plantations are grown under their Colonialism.

    The financial involvement of the Royal family and the country’s aristocracy were central to the growth of Britain’s slave trade and the slaving company known as the Royal Adventurers into Africa (1660) counted King Charles II as a backer.
    One bank that provided this service was run by Alexander and David Barclay and Barclays Bank still carries their name today. Another bank which rose from the profits of loaning credit to slavers was Barings Bank, whose founder Sir Francis Baring, claimed to have made his fortune as a slave dealer while only 16-years old.The Bank of England also featured heavily in the slave trade.

    Today what crisis in African continent suffering is the footprint of colonial past. Despite abundant natural resources and skilled labour they are forced to take arms for food to kill each other.

    Though I am old, I had stayed in kingdom never felt discrimination because of my race,religion or skin colour.

    I would request you to emphsises on the castism in India being democracy we need seperate quota to reserve the rights of outcasted. Thanks to the great Brahmical culture India is much divided on cast line than the pre colonial slavery.Despite 60 years of Independence we still cast the same treatment of post slavery.

    I would appreciate to correct your distorted fact with better subject knowledge.

    Jai hind

    • If the slavery is abolished in the old book, why are your friends with black flags are selling poor Yezidi Christian girls as slaves to other folks in today’s Syria ? Who are you fooling? Don’t try your taqiyya tricks here!!

  8. Dear readers,

    A typical biased treatment and subjggation by BJP ruling in India towards minority Muslims.

    Only Muslims and Maoists are terrorists in Maharashtra ATS calender

    The Maharashtra Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) has released a list of ‘wanted’ terror accused which is being condemned by Muslim organizations and right wing groups.
    The list has at least 13 total terror accused with their photographs. 11 Muslim youth are categorized as ‘wanted’ and two Maoists belonging to communist party of India-M. but, it doesn’t inculude any right wing accused wanted in Malegaon and other blasts.

    List of Right Wing terror accused who are wanted but missing from ATS calendar
    1. Amit alias Ashok @ Prince @ Sunny @ Ashwini @ Ashwini Chauhan – Wanted in Samjhauta Express Blasts in 2007.
    NIA has announced cash reward of Rs. 5 Lakhs and LOC against him has been issued by Bureau of immigration.
    2. Jay Prakash Alias Anna – Wanted in Goa blasts in 2009.
    Red Corner Notice is issued against him by CBI.
    3. Praveen Limkar – Wanted in Goa blasts in 2009.
    Red Corner Notice is issued against him by CBI.
    4. Ram Chandra Kalsangra alias Ramji @ Vishnu Patel – Wanted in Malegaon Blasts 2006 and 2008.
    NIA has announced cash reward of Rs 10 lakh. Red Corner Notice is issued against him by CBI.
    5. Rudra Patil – Wanted in Goa blasts in 2009.
    Red Corner Notice is issued against him by CBI.
    6. Sandeep Dange alias Parmanand – Wanted in Malegaon Blasts 2006 and 2008.
    NIA has announced cash reward of Rs 10 lakh. Red Corner Notice is issued against him by CBI.
    7. Suresh Nair alias Damodar Nair – Wanted in Ajmer Dargah Blasts in 2007.
    NIA has announced cash reward of Rs 2 lakh.
    Photographs and other details of these accused continue to appear on the wanted list of NIA

    Though Mr.Original pai may overlook this issue like RSS ruled BJP who only finds faults in others and continue glorify ‘saffron terror’ in silence.

    Jai hind

    • Sharia Shaikh,
      With all the research, you could list 7 hindu names since 2009, uh? Your ‘peaceful’ folks beat this number everyday by several points!! LOL You and your muslim mirror apologists have all the time to cry about some Suresha Naayar or Raamachandra. On the other hand, why is it that you always take the side of rats like Dawood Ibrahim and Kasab? I have never seen you denouncing Dawood or Kasab for what they did on Indian soil. Are you a secret admirer of these individuals? In fact, you have been trying really hard to establish Kasab and his team as innocent folks by blaming mumbai attacks on RSS. We all understand your taqiyya technique. Stop fooling yourself!!

  9. Thank you Mr Shaikh.

    Sir, in explaining about the slavery, you have given many details and names of the Europeans.

    I must congratulate you on your research. I have no reason to doubt any of it.

    But somehow you have forgotten to provide any names of the Middle Eastern Sheikhs and business-men engaged in the vast slave trade.

    We are all human. Many of us do good things and bad. Our leaders drive policies that affect the lives of ordinary citizens. So we have a duty to conduct research and scrutinise our leaders’ actions at all times.

    If the West has progressed today, it is not just due to their horrendous colonial past. It is also because there is a liberal mindset where people can question most things. Exceptions do exist, but few.

    Many Middle Eastern people have lamented the fact that the Middle East discourages research and scrutinise most things. As an aside, I was reading an article yesterday by Ms Hania Sholkamy titled “Egypt’s love-hate relationship with research”, attempting to expose the near absence of research affecting the “own” people.

    However, you are not a Middle Eastern person. What is stopping you in disclosing the names of the many Middle Eastern sheikhs who collected the African slaves and sold them to everyone else: Europeans, Americans, Chinese, Indians, etc.

    Are you aware that Chinese and Indians bought slaves too?

    But it was the Middle Eastern sheikhs who managed the sourcing business. Europeans and others bought the slaves from the Middle Eastern sheikhs. Any research and scrutiny on the Middle East side of things would be much appreciated – as many readers would like the information from a very knowledgeable person like yourself.

  10. Lifting the Veil, this has answers to all your questions( past, present & future)-Mr.Jay

    Sir,The Almighty Allah has already presented us great book ‘Quran’ to the whole mankind and belief in his prophets and there teaching greatest example to be implemented in our life.

    Thanks for your suggestion. For us 30 chapter of quran address the issues of past, present and future for the believers.

    Hope the answer.

    Jai Hind

  11. Exceptions did exist,but few.Brother Mr.Mangal

    Sir,I have already address his issue once and there is no point of return wasting time. You do believe that there are some exception and black sheep in each community.We need to start recognize the good rather than digging dirt.There are many Millions working class in Middle East doing modern day slavery to support there backend meet. If one does not stand on his own foot we are all slaves of Almighty.

    Serve Allah . . . and do good – to parents, kinsfolk, orphans, those in need, neighbors who are near, neighbors who are strangers, the Companion by your side, the way-farer (you meet), and what your right hands possess [i.e. your slaves] . . . (4:36)

    By teaching us to be grateful for being created, to “do good” to both our parents and our “slaves,” the Qur’an once again emphasizes the equality of Allah’s creation. A Creator so concerned with equality deserves respect.

    The Prophet Muhammad did not believe that only the slaves of a particular race, religion, or ethnicity should be freed; instead, he desired to break the chains of slaves all over the world. The fact that the Qur’an did so with a specificity unparalleled in a monotheistic holy text makes it one of the greatest of anti-slavery books, and Muhammad himself one of the greatest of abolitionists. Peace be upon him.

    We all need to answer the deeds aftermath. There are no excpections in his justice.

    Jai hind

  12. Mr. Shaikh,

    Sir, on the one hand you say “I had stayed in kingdom (Saudi Arabia) never felt discrimination because of my race, religion or skin colour”.

    Good news indeed.

    And then you say something that sounds just the opposite: “There are Millions working class in Middle East doing modern day slavery to support there backend meet”.

    Although a reader might be curious to know as to what does the backend have to do here, let us not digress.

    If you did not feel discriminated against, that is good news. But how can you then claim that there are millions who are going through “modern day slavery” in those same lands where people do not practise slavery?

    If indeed you want me to believe you when you say that slavery does exist in those lands, is this a better form of slavery than what is faced by the blacks in USA and/or the caste-system in India? Or worse?

    As I am keen to understand this puzzle, I would be happy if you elaborated on what you have said.

    The reason for my curiosity is two-fold: (a) I would like to know why any type of research is suppressed in the Middle-East, and (b) Why various claims are made about evil that is practised by the whites, Jewish and Indians, when in fact, it may be no worse than what is practised in the Middle East.

    I do not blame you for the ills of the Middle East. It is entirely a problem of the people of those lands.

    But you possibly understand better than me and other readers here as to why such a complex scenario is created by our brothers in the Middle East. Would you care to elaborate?

  13. SMR “and there teaching great example to be implemented in our lives”

    Actions speak louder than words….and you shall be known as per your fruit. It is time that you’ll ask yourselves tough questions. Please read what your fellow religionist have to say in the foregoing article:

    A good tree produces only good fruit, but a poisonous tree produces only poisonous fruit.

  14. On the contrary to the questions ,there is no relation to the subject matter. Hence you disqualify from the further argument.

    My early reply is suffice to answer all those questions.

    Jai Hind

      • Hello Rampa,

        Your Big Jokers Party seems to be courting trouble again and again.

        This time around, it is the students of FTTI who are striking against the appointment of some unknown called….. hang on… hang on.. cough cough… Gajendra Chauhan as Chairman. Now, what exactly are Gajju’s achievements? Playing the part of Yudhishtira in Ramayan in 1940 (or was it 1930?) The Chaddi’s put him there because he is a staunch Chaddi Party Member for more than 20 years. Hahahhaha!

        And then we have the flying maharajas – Kirren Rijjiju and Devu Fadnavisu who almost hijacked flights for their own purposes. Arnab Goswami showed statements and claims from the Jokers from BJP prior to elections in 2014. And now…..and now, poor Sambitha Pathra, GVL Narsimhappa Rao, Nalina Kohli, Sudanshu Trivedi, NC shaina et al…… they are distinctly sweating under Arnab’s barrages.

        Our poor Rampa will now stop watching Times Now and switch back to Bobby Jindal, Bill Maher, Rihanna and Zakir Naik. :):)

        Good going ya Rampa.

        Good going ya Rampu. Your Yogi Adithyu is showing the way.

        • Bobby Jindal, Bill Maher, Rihanna…? Joker Praveena Pinto is randomly throwing in names here – thanks to google!! LOL This guy didn’t even know about Murudeshwara!! Now, he is trying to comment on Indian and american politics!! What a joker!!

  15. Mr Shaikh states “The slavery is long before abolished in Islam by Prophet Muhammad (etc)”.

    One of the staunchest Islamic nations is on the southern border of Saudi Arabia. Yemen.

    People from the African contninet have migrated to the Arabian Peninsula and northwards since perhaps the dawn of human civilisation in those parts of the world.

    Habshis (Abyssinians, that is modern day Ethiopian and Eritreans), Somalis, Sudanese, as well Africans of other races have all crossed the Red Sea into Yemen, and travelled elsewhere.

    Many have even ended up in India. Some are called Sidhis.

    But their life in the Arabian Peninsula has never been a bed of roses.

    Please watch a video on Youtube called ‘Slavery in Yemen’ by Al Jazeera. It is an eye opener, regardless of the fond beliefs of Mr Shaikh in his Prophet (etc.).

    And Mr Shaikh is worried about how blacks are treated in USA, and how caste system operates in India.

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