Two Students Booked in Puttur for Pro-Pakistan WhatsApp Posts

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Puttur: Two students of a local college were arrested for allegedly circulating slogans like ‘Jai Pakistan’ and ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ through WhatsApp during the high-voltage T20 cricket match between India and Pakistan.


Based on complaints received against them, Safwan of Sattikallu and Rasheed of Savanoor were arrested by the town police. They were produced before the taluk magistrate and then released on provision of a bail security.

They have been warned not to repeat such acts and also a written undertaking to this effect was obtained from them.

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  1. Safwaan and Rusheed….raising pro-Pakistan slogans in a remote town of Puttooru.

    Well, who would have guessed pro-Pakistaan sentiments in this community, right? As the B-grade (B=Bollywood) intellectuals from minority community keep telling us, all the anti-national elements are to be seen only in Sangha Parivaara.

    On a serious note, this is not just a Puttooru problem. See the wonderful culture imported by European nations over the years!! At least, West has a few journalists left to report on these troublemakers. The third world countries like India has none left!! Sad!!

  2. Is Pakistan considered the enemy of India? What about China and USA? If someone sends a message saying Jai China or Jai USA or God Bless USA, is it a punishable offence? What if someone wants o support Australian or West Indies players and says Jai Australia or Jai West Indies out of sheer admiration for the players of those country?

    Is sending Mangos to Pakistan President is anti-national gesture? I have Pakistani friends some of them admire Indian cricket players, Indian movies, Hindi songs and even like to live in India. Do we call them anti-nationals of Pakistan.

    What is more anti-national is not respecting the fellow citizen’s rights in a democratic country.

  3. While India is wasting time on anti-national nonsense, the BJP plans to sign agreements which will make India a client state to the United States. It is shocking there is no national debate on such a momentous decision.

    Here is an analysis from Bharat Karnad.

    t is a devastating turn of events – the indication that the Bharatiya Janata Party government will soon sign the three so-called “foundational” accords with the United States that Washington has been fiercely pushing in the past decade.

    The Logistics Support Agreement (LSA) is first in line. The other two agreements are the CISMOA (Communications Interoperability and Security Memorandum of Agreement) and BECA (Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement for geospatial information and data).

    The trouble is these accords will mainly achieve for the US its grand strategic objective of reducing India, in effect, to a client state, like, well, Pakistan! It is a denouement the country had avoided in the Fifties and Sixties when it survived on US aid largesse and “ship to mouth” American PL 480 grain and, more recently, during the otherwise pliant dispensation of Manmohan Singh owing to the stonewalling by the Leftist defence minister, A.K. Antony.

    Why be beholden to a foreign power whose interests do not overlap with India’s, when the country can have distant and separate military presence in Mauritius and the East African littoral? Besides, the Indian military oriented to territorial defence, will nowhere utilize the far flung US bases and military resources as much as the more actively deployed US military units in the Indian Ocean and West Asia will use Indian bases. So, on balance which country’s interests does the LSA actually serve?

    There will, however, be a more telling fallout. A miffed Russia, already apprehensive about India’s increasing military closeness to the US and the West, may decide to shrink technology transfer and assistance programmes in the most sensitive and critical strategic armament areas, such as in developing a powerful highly enriched uranium-fueled nuclear power plant to run the second Kochi-built aircraft carrier, the 65,000 ton-class INS Vishal. Really crucial high value technology help is not, under any circumstances, something Washington will render for love or money. A sufficiently riled Moscow could virtually instantly bring the Indian conventional military, strategic forces, DRDO, and defence industry to its knees (and its senses?) by withdrawing its support and collaborative help.

    Then there’s the fact that US military presence on Indian soil will attract the attentions of jihadis and Islamist radicals, ranging from the al-Qaeda and Islamic State, to the garden variety terrorist outfits — Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, and its ilk, and their local offshoots. Because India will be responsible for the overall security of American military materiel and manpower in India, the central, state and local Indian government, police, and intelligence agencies will have their hands full trying to keep Americans and their property safe. And any shortfalls in security leading to successful terrorist attacks on American personnel and assets will blow up in New Delhi’s face.

    It is not certain the Modi government has considered any of the politico-military ramifications of signing the three agreements and their social impact, properly assessed the dire internal security risks of terrorists targeting the American presence, nor pondered the political and diplomatic costs and the debilitating effects of India being perceived in the world as an American appendage rather than as a proud and independent country and emerging great power in Asia to rival China.

    (The writer is Professor for National Security Studies at the Centre for Policy Research and author, most recently, of Why India is Not a Great of Power (Yet).)

  4. Dear readers,

    What the BJP has to realize is that the kind of divisive policies which it routinely follows – Hindu vs Muslim, patriots vs traitors – appeals only to its rabid followers and are of little relevance to the average citizen.
    It is even possible that such tactics may prove to be electorally counter-productive for they show that the BJP has remained stuck in the days of rath yatras and riots during the Ramjanmabhoomi movement and that Modi’s sabka saath, sabka vikas slogan is meant more for public consumption than implementation in an atmosphere of social harmony.
    Why does the same law of sedation is not applicable to Sri Sri said, “Jai Hind and Pakistan Zindabad should go together. It should be a win-win situation for both sides. We should focus on winning and making the other also win.”?If chanting enemy nation in the presence of the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj one qualify to remain self-proclaimed spiritual guru?Does Indian constitution has special provision for spiritual guru?

    Jai Hind

  5. Dear Jihaadi Shaikh,
    Do you support these two guys who were supporting Pakistan over India?

  6. Shaik Rizwan, the last para was very well explained. Original Bhakt should read this 10 times and understand.

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