UAE: Annual Global Day 2015 Celebrated at Gulf Medical University

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  • It was an evening of pomp, gaiety, and show of talent by the students of Gulf Medical University.

UAE: They celebrated the GMU-Thumbay Hospitals Annual Global Day at campus’s sprawling ground in Ajman, which was attended by over 2500 students, their parents and friends apart from the faculty and staff of GMU and GMC Hospitals.

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Students from 72 countries who study at the university were in their ethnic best, be it in their colorful national dresses or as a repository of talent, which was exhibited both in the exhibition arena as well as on the stage. Over 19 country pavilions were set-up displaying their national heritage and all the visitors were treated for mouthwatering food from different countries.

Held every year under the patronage of the Founder President, Board of Governors of GMU, Thumbay Moideen, GMU – GMCH Annual Global Day serves as a platform for students to show the essence of their ethnicity and respective cultures through entertainment comprising songs, dance performances and skits. Various competitions were held in solo and group singing, group dances, cultural dress, talent and fashion shows.

Prof. Gita Ashok Raj inaugurated the festival and toured the country pavilions along with senior academic leadership of the university. She was all praise for the talent displayed by the students. She said that the Global Day brings together students, faculty, staff and their families to celebrate ‘Unity in Diversity’.

Prof. Gita Ashok Raj gave away the prizes to the winners of fashion show, talent show and country performances. Iraq students won the Overall Champions Prize.

Others who won prizes in various categories were:

Pavilion Prizes:
KSA and Bilad Al-Sham shared the joint First Prize for the best country pavilion.
2nd Place: IRAQ, 3rd Place: United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Honorary Pavilion Prizes:
Best Entrance Gate: IRAN, Best Cultural Food: Egypt, Best Hospitality: Algeria

Fashion Show:
Ms Ethnic – 1st Place: INDIA, 2nd Place: IRAQ and 3rd Place: PAKISTAN
Mr Ethnic – 1st Place: IRAQ, 2nd Place: INDIA and 3rd Place: KSA

Country Performances:
1st Place: INDIA, 2nd Place: BILAD AL-SHAM and 3rd Place: KSA

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