UAE: Great Display Of Innovation At GMU MASE 2015

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UAE: The ‘Annual and Medical Science Exhibition GMU MASE 2015’ was held on 22nd and 23rd of May 2015 at Gulf Medical University campus in Ajman. The event offered students a chance to display their talent in innovations in science and medicine. Delhi Private School, Sharjah won the overall champions trophy.

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Prof. Gita Ashok Raj, Provost GMU inaugurated the exhibition in the presence of the university deans and academic leadership of the constituent colleges of the university. GMU MASE is held every year under the guidance of the Founder President of the university and also under the supervision of the academic leadership of all the constituent colleges of Gulf Medical University.

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“Many kids have incredible brains. We want to explore the Talent in a child and this platform brings forth the unnoticed talent amongst young children, who in their formative years may have decided on their future course of education and specialization,” said Prof. Mohamed Arifulla, Dean of Admissions and Registers, GMU. Every year GMU MASE aims to provide a platform to the upcoming students to display their talents in the field of Medical and Science. It also provides them with complete career path in the field of Medicine and Healthcare and encourages students interested in getting involved in the profession of Medicine and Healthcare, he added.

GMU MASE inspires and encourages young scientists recognizing their talents and showcases the fact that the path to a sustainable future for the UAE lies in the power of talented youth. As role models, they are empowered to encourage further exploration and development of knowledge, analytical thinking and skills in their peers as they cooperate to solve local and global technological issues.

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We see only 10 percent of the talent on display, while the other 90 percent of work goes on in the background in making such wonderful working models. GMU MASE is a great platform which encourages innovation, uniqueness and experimentation and that is the only way to let the genius of the students bloom, said one of the judges.

The exuberant talent of the students from over 50 schools from all over UAE and attended by more than 4500 students from more than 200 schools Gulf Medical University Science Exhibition is an eagerly awaited event for all school children, said one of the teachers who came along with the students.

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It is an occasion for the students to showcase their creative talents. It is with their own creative abilities assisted and guided by the teachers, amazing ideas have been brought to light at GMU MASE.

The event culminated with a prize distribution ceremony on 23rd May 2015. Prizes were given away to the winners in Projects, Posters and Painting categories. Cash prizes worth more than AED 25,000 were given to the winning students.

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Over 225 projects and 175 posters were displayed during the exhibition. The two day event, attended by over 4500 students, was the largest ever held at the university till date. Students have displayed over 165 paintings also.

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