UAE: Gulf Medical University Conducts Seminar on Use of Anti-Diabetic Medicines

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UAE: The College of Pharmacy of Gulf Medical University (GMU), the leading private medical university in the region owned and operated by Thumbay Group, held a seminar titled “Safe, Effective and Affordable Use of Anti-Diabetic Medicines” at the university campus in Al Jurf, Ajman on Friday, 11th December 2015, organized by the Health Communications Division of Thumbay Group.


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The seminar was attended by a number of healthcare professionals. Topics discussed included scientific efficacy and safety profiles of novel approaches to the management of hyperglycemia in type 2 diabetes, review of current oral anti-diabetic products and their future developments, current trends and future challenges of insulin drug delivery systems, clinical pharmacokinetics and drug-drug interactions of newer anti-diabetics, dose adjustments of anti-diabetic medicines in patients with renal and hepatic impairment, prevention and management of rare but serious adverse events of anti-diabetics, and the implications and guidelines for the safe use of intravenous insulin in emergency.

Speakers at the seminar included Dr. Kiran Kumar (Specialist – Department of Internal Medicine, GMC Hospital and Research Centre, Ajman) and the following Assistant Professors and Lecturers of the College of Pharmacy, GMU – Dr. Ibrahim Elsayed, Dr. Shery Jacob, Dr. Suraj Radhamani, Dr. Dixon Thomas, Dr. Subish Palaian and Dr. Mukesh Kumar. Certificates were distributed to the seminar attendees.

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