UAE: ISCC Bids Farewell to Anand Bardhan IAS

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UAE: India Social and Cultural Centre Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Malayalee Samajam, Kerala Social Centre, Indian Islamic Centre and Indian Ladies association Abu Dhabi jointly organized a farewell ceremony for Anand Bardhan, Counsel General of Indian Embassy, Abu Dhabi at ISC Main Auditorium here, on March 12.

The ISC President welcomed the Counsel General and felicitated him with a floral bouquet. In his welcome speech, the President said that Anand Bardhan is a gentleman and a very good human being who always supported India Social and Cultural Centre and its activities, and always attended the major functions held at the center. He also supported all other associations and its members and has done great work and service to the Indian community working day and night.

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Anand Bardhan thanked everybody for the grand reception. However, while thanking the President and all the associations for organizing the farewell function, he said that whatever he has done, it is service to the community in his capacity and he has done his duty as a Counsel General.


He also thanked his team and staff at the Indian Embassy and acknowledged their support throughout his tenure. He further said that he was touched by the way the reception was held, and appreciated and thanked everyone for organizing a memorable programme.

Sudhir Kumar Shetty, COO UAE Exchange Global, thanked Anand Bardhan for his co-operation, humbleness and concern towards the community and wished great success to his future.

Bearys Welfare Forum Abu Dhabi and all other associations’ leaders also spoke on the occasion. Former presidents of ISC and all the ISC officials were also present.

Music band “Jhilmil” entertained the gathering.

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