UAE visit visa holders relieved at stay extension announcement

UAE visit visa holders relieved at stay extension announcement

UAE: A stay extension for visitors who could not leave the UAE due to flight cancellations and airport closures has come as a ‘blessing during these tough times’, visit visa holders have told Khaleej Times.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship had announced late on Monday, march 23, that the affected visitors would be able to extend their stay legitimately in the country.

Visitors said they feared they would have to pay overstay fines. Chetan Kumar, an Indian visitor, said: “This news has come as a huge relief. My flight back home to India was cancelled. My visa expires on April 8.”

Dubai resident Biju Prasad said his mother-in-law is in the country to help take care of his newborn daughter. “I don’t have the salary to sponsor my aged parents and in-laws. Luckily, things worked out for us. She (mother-in-law) is a high-risk case. I feel she is safer here, given the advanced medical facilities in the UAE.”

Another visitor Mohammed Razeen came to the UAE to look for a job. “This is my third visa here and I am hoping things will improve soon. I don’t want to go back home empty handed.”

Mabelloise Mbang, a Nigerian visitor, said: “I arrived here in the second week of March, looking for employment. My visa expires on April 11. This is a huge relief for people like me. I was really worried that I would have to pay visa extension fees, which is something I may not be able to afford at the moment.”

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