Udupi: A Salute to Honesty – Mobile Shop-owner Returns Cash, Valuables to Owner

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Udupi: At a time when honesty and integrity are in shortage, occasionally we come across honesty-honour mincidents that give an assurance that there are many good people left in this world.

Rajesh Acharya had arrived here last week and was at the ‘Digital’ mobile service shop to get his currency recharged. While doing so, he had by oversight left behind his wallet on the table.

The shop-owner, Surendra S Marpalli, spotted it. While inspecting the wallet, he found 35gms of gold, Rs 10,000 in cash and other important documents.

It also had a slip that carried the mobile phone. He called up Acharya immediately who returned to the shop to collect the wallet from him. Had he not called, Acharya was likely to think that he had lost it somewhere else.

He went back with grateful thoughts and appreciation for the honesty shown by Marpalli.

A big salute to them!

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  1. Kudos to you Marpali. Yes… honesty these days is not to be found everywhere. However here is a case of Marpal who takes the trouble to locate the owner of the mobile phone and return his wallet and valuables to him.

    Kudos to you Marpali. May your breed increase.

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