Udupi: Bannanje Raja brought to city for further investigation

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Updated (2:42pm): 47 year old Raja is currently in the custody of the Udupi police for 15 days for investigation in the murder case of R N Nayak. SP Annamalai will be the investigating officer in the case.

Morocco and India have signed an agreement for investigation of 16 cases which are registered against him in India. Four cases have been registered against Raja in Udupi, out of which are registered 2 Udupi Town Station, 1 in Malpe and 1 in Manipal.

Udupi: Bannanje Raja will be brought to the city at 2 pm for further investigation on August 15.

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Bannanje Raja was brought to India on August 14 from Morocco. The special team led by Bengaluru’s Additional Commissioner of Police C H Pratap Reddy, SP of Udupi Annamalai and others left to Morocco on August 10 to bring Raja to India.

On the morning of August 14, they reached Delhi. He was then brought to Bengaluru by air. He was later produced before a court in Belgaum. Many cases are also filed against him in Udupi, so he will be brought to the city for further investigation.

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8 years ago

The name Bannanje is associated with scholars like Bannanje Govindacharya. This rogue character should not have the privilege of such a name. Just call him B Raja if you will. Don’t spoil the dignity of the name Bannanje. Finish the investigations quickly and sentence him. Disgrace to our twin districts.

Original R.Pai
8 years ago

It’s hard not to see the level of incompetence shown by our authorities here. Our govt clearly knows that this guy is a notorious criminal involved in many cases. If so, why allow him dress like a college student? I can’t tell if he is going to attend a party or Udupi police station. Also, why parade him in a such an open, public view when he has so many potential allies and enemies ? Don’t we all know the incident when a guy tried to kill Muthappa Rai near Madikeri Court back in 90s? And, finally, in this DNA… Read more »

Ramesh Rao
8 years ago

Fixed match!
Fully pre-planned arrest drama
Pseudo proceedings
Lucky ….. becomes millionaire overnight
Obviously lack of ANY evidence (everything erased or silenced) and swift bail …
Finally ………… “smiling don” of ALL the crimes
(remember Muttappa Rai?)

Free from all the charges, Politics/Social service starts…YES!
Another Kannada Sene?
Threaten industries, real estate and people
Rule & mine Karnataka & SK? Or Mumbai too?
While a dodo yet most-corrupt CM laughs..along with our shameless, selfish SK politicians 🙁
Jai Ho!

B. Dinesh
8 years ago

Why is this man not handcuffed? Based on the number of charges he is facing, he should have been in hand and leg shackles. How can the police overlook this simple required procedure for serious criminals? Why is he held above the law? Even when they arrest for other minor offenses one can notice that they are at the least handcuffed! The police and state government must have spent millions to locate, arrest, extradite, and bring him back. If they don’t secure this criminal how long will it take for a few well equipped gang members to over power the… Read more »