Udupi: Bihar Election Result Respect to Indian Democracy – Oscar Fernandes

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Udupi: “Bihar’s election result is a respect to Indian democracy,” said Oscar Fernandes, MP – Rajya Sabha. He was speaking to the media persons here, on November 8.

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“The people of Bihar have voted for the development of Bihar. The BJP and its allies kept on giving false promises to the people of Bihar in their election rallies but the people have observed the divisive politics and intolerance in the country. The people of India are being fooled by the BJP government’s fake promises. Price rise is at peak but the effort made by the government to control prise rise is in vain. Intolerance is also rising in the country. People are expecting a change and this is visible in the Bihar elections,” he added.

He further said that the party high command has taken notice of Minister Anjaneya’s alleged bribery case. “A report has been sought and CM Siddarmaiah will initiate necessary action in this regard,” said Oscar.

Tipu has played a prominent role in fighting against the British. He is a part of our history and celebrating Tipu Jayanti is no issue, Oscar added.

Udupi MLA Pramod Madhwaraj was also present.

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  1. The real sad part is that 44-seats party has reached a point where they need to celebrate the victory of other parties as their own!!!

  2. I think Bihar voting reflects mockery of Indian Democracy in which a convicted felon dictates voting pattern and poor illiterates vote for some kind of monetary consideration and out of fear for their lives.

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