Udupi: BJP and the Sangh Parivar should go to Siddaganga Math to learn Hindutva – Janardhan Poojary

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Udupi: The BJP led central government is purely into appeasing corporates by supporting the anti-farmer ordinance to land acquisition act, said former union Minister Janardhan Poojary. He was addressing the mediapersons at the Press Club here on March 28.

“The ordinance to land acquisition bill is a deliberate attempt made by the BJP to ruin the farmers of our country. The country can flourish only through the consumption of healthy food. If the food production comes down, we will face severe crisis of food supply. With the introduction of ordinance to land acquisition act, the government will forcibly acquire land with minimum compensation to please the corporate establishments. The BJP’s hypocrisy is that they were heading the parliamentary standing committee while the Land Acquisition Bill was passed in parliament and they had remained silent. The Land Acquisition Bill was passed after continuous study and efficient survey for 3 years.”

“While the UPA government was in power, Narendra Modi slammed the Land Acquisition Act but while he is in power, he is making changes in the same act in the form of ordinance to help the corporate establishments. Narendra Modi’s mindset is to ruin the poor and help the rich as he firmly opposes subsidies to poor.”

“The BJP was crying that Sonia Gandhi was possessing land while the CAG report indicates the Gujarat government’s favor to Adani by giving him land worth of Rs 25,000 crore while Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister. Narendra Modi recommended Rs 6000 crore to Adani group through State Bank of India. Is Adani your relative?” questioned Poojary. “The people are watching your administration where the corporates are pleased, they will soon give their verdict,” he added.

“Pejawar Shree Vishweshateetha Swamiji was against the Special Economic Zone. Now he should convince Narendra Modi that UPA’s Land Acquisition Bill is in favor of the farmers.”

Hitting hard on the Congress led state government, Poojary urged CM Siddaramaiah to review his stand on discussing the matter of issuing licenses for new liquor shops with the MLAs. He said that this move will ruin family lives as youth and men will be addicted to liquor.

“Janardhan Poojary may have fallen down but he is firm in his character. I lost elections due to the tricks played by the BJP. Poojary has everything but without the money power he lost elections.”

“There are rising attacks on the minorities and the BJP is silent. Mother Theresa was humiliated, the educational reform by the Christian community was abused and BJP remained silent again. Dear Modiji, refer to the statistics where the Christian community reached the rural door steps to promote education,” he added.

“The BJP and the Sangh Parivar should go to Siddaganga Math to learn Hindutva. The Hindutva of BJP and Sangh Parivar varies from the Hindutva practiced by a large section of Hindus. Saffron is the symbol of peace and service don’t portray it as the symbol of agitation and anger.”

He lauded the annual budget of CM Siddaramaiah saying that the budget is people centered. He also said that late but not the least, CM has handed over the death case of D K Ravi to the Central Bureau of Investigation which is a good move.

He also said that if CM Siddaramaiah continues with the progressive schemes to uplift the poor, he will remain as the Chief Minister for another 15 years.

Alevoor Harish Kini, Sunil Bangera, Sujay, Sanjeeva Moily and others were present.

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