Udupi: BJP Yuva Morcha demands CBI probe in IAS officer D K Ravi’s Death

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The frequent transfer of D K Ravi did not ruin his honesty, said Tingale Vikramarjun Hegde, District President of Bharatiya Janatha Party. He was speaking during a protest organized by the BJP Yuva Morcha demanding the state government to handover the investigation of the suspicious death of IAS Officer D K Ravi to the Central Bureau of Investigation. The protest was held in front of the Clock Tower here on February 18.

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“The suspicious death of D K Ravi has caused doubts in the people of the state. The state government instead of consoling the people by transferring the investigation to Central Bureau of Investigation is busy in twisting the case by giving various statements. The repeated threat calls from Dubai and also the raids on prominent corporate houses may be a prominent lead in the case. The silence of the state government indicates their involvement in the suspicious death case of D K Ravi. There is constant effort made to transfer the Deputy Commissioner and the District Superintendent of Udupi,” he added.

Mattar Rathnakar Hegde, District BJP Spokesperson, said that the Bangalore Police Commissioner M N Reddy’s hurry in declaring the suspicious death of D K Ravi as suicide hints the state government’s involvement in twisting the case. “The people of the state are constantly following the case and are disappointed with the government for maintaining silence on the same. A CBI investigation will throw light on the case,” he added.

Former distirct BJP chief Kumar Shetty, ZP member Githanjali Suvarna, Yuva Morcha president Ranjith Salian, Kuthyaru Naveen Shetty, Sheela K Shetty, Shymala Kundar, Geetha Ravi Shet, Devdas Hebbar and others were present.

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