Udupi: Children Earn in lakhs, Parents Homeless – HRPF demands Amendments to Senior Citizens Protection Act 2007

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Udupi: Their children earn in lakhs but they are homeless and in need of care and attention. Here is the plight of aged parents who were thrown out of their homes, after their property was acquired by their children. The Human Rights Protection Forum, Udupi led by Dr Ravindranath Shanbouge has filed petitions representing the aged citizens across various districts with the Assistant Commissioner for reversing the transfer order under Senior Citizens Protection Act 2007.

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Joseph Fernandes, who resides in Badanidiyoor, has 4 children. His wife Gloria Fernandes expired in 2014. He lives with his physically challenged son Gavin Emmanuel. His other children have executed the settlement deed in their names respectively. Joseph was unaware of the settlement deed but was later informed by the Taluk Panchayat officials while he had submitted an application in the Taluk office. He is now left with his physically challenged son whose medical expenses he has to bear. Joseph used to work abroad to educate his children and feed them, but today his children have left him all alone with his physically challenged son. He has now filed an appeal with the Assistant Commissioner.

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Jayalakshmi of Hosur, Bengaluru sold her house on her children’s advice and shared the money between her first son and daughter equally. She used to sell pets and share the profit with her daughter. She says that later her daughter took away her ornaments and money, and asked her to move out. Her son also refused to accommodate her in his house. Jayalakshmi says that she is finding it hard to eke out a living.

Nanjamma, a resident of Bengaluru who saved her daughter and son-in-law after settling their debt by selling her own house, was thrown out by her daughter from her house. She was managing to live with the pension money she had saved as her deceased husband was a railway officer.

Venkatreddy Rachanna of Uttarkannada was working in Dubai to take care of his family and also his children’s education. He married his distant relative after his wife’s death and had undergone a heart surgery, without his children’s consent. He and his second wife were pushed out of their house. Venkatreddy has also filed an appeal in the Assistant Commissioners court under Senior Citizens Protection Act 2007.

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The Assistant Commissioner of Bengaluru North had then reversed the settlement deed in the favor of Pramila, a resident of Magadi main road. The police are alleged to be asking bribe for vacating her son from the house.

Sharfunisa was living with her son Abdul Hanif together with his wife and children. Abdul took the property into his possession along with a sum of rupees 2,00,000 promising to take care of her. Sarfunisa’s husband died in March 2015 and she asked Abdul to return back the Rs 2,00,000 but he refused to do so.

The Human Rights Protection Forum has filed appeals in the Assistant Commissioners Court across various districts. 380 complaints that come under the Senior Citizens Protection Act 2007 have been followed up by the forum.

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Dr Shanbouge urges the government to bring in necessary amendments to the Senior Citizens Protection Act 2007.

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  1. Gatherings such as these are very useful and valuable to the community that we live so that a larger group of the community and society gets involved with the realities of life that prevail in today’s world due to affluence and quick fortunes in life. Our Indian Society, whether we are Hindus or Moslems or Christians is an unique society that values family unity. Our family values of the Orient are unique and rare that unites people of all ages and share all that we have, The only misfortune that has taken place in India over the years is the appreciation of property values where owners have realized the tremendous growth they have amassed as a result of owning and/or possessing a property. People develop new ideas of becoming rich too soon without any effort at the cost of neglecting family values and family history.

    This is where our Society needs EDUCATION. This is where the parents have to be very careful while dividing their properties or their wealth with their siblings. Greed and jealousy comes in the picture and people get corrupted with the thoughts of amassing everything that the family has.

    The more families gather together and voice their concern is to our advantage. Let not the property take our mind and heart, but let there be a spirit of compromising thought enter the mind of each individual in order to sit together and share their ideas for an united consensus so that family unity gets equal attention and justice. Qudha Afeiz.

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