Udupi: CM Siddaramaiah’s Statement on Eating Beef is Unconstitutional – Shobha Karandlaje

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Udupi: “CM Siddaramaiah’s statement on eating beef is unconstitutional,” said Shobha Karandlaje, MP of Udupi-Chikkamagaluru LS Constituency. She was addressing the mediapersons at a pressmeet held at the BJP office here, on November 2.

The Chief Minister’s statements have hurt the sentiments of the Hindu community, said Karandlaje, adding that an outrage for this insensitive statement by the CM is being witnessed among the Hindu community. “The CM’s statement states that the government is giving a free hand to cattle traffickers. The Chief Minister should apologise for his statement or else step down from his post.”

She further said, “The role of ministers, Abhayachandra Jain, U T Khader and Ramanath Rai behind BD activist Prashant Poojary’s murder needs to be questioned. The police department acted after former CM Yeddyurappa visited the house of Prashant and consoled his parents.”

The Congress government scrapped the bill and amendment introduced by the previous BJP government to preserve and protect cows. The Congress, to support minorities, introduces policies suppressing the majority. The BJP government had also banned members of KFD but soon after the Congress came to power, they released the members who are said to be behind the murder of Prashant Poojary. The KFD and PFI need to be banned as they harm the peaceful environment. The home department under the helm of K J George lost control over the law and order paving way for rise in communal disturbances, she added.

The state government seems to be uncaring on the issues concerning the Kasturirangan report. The report filed by the cabinet sub-committee will be scrapped by the Supreme Court. The court had clearly ordered for survey according to the Kerala model but the Karnataka government relied on the cabinet sub-committee. The Karnataka government has added 40 taluks to the Kasturirangan report. The government has kept the people of 40 taluks in the dark. The people should come out and file their objections against the report.

“An underpass has been proposed at the Karavali Junction. The NH 66 is connected with Malpe-Theertalli highway. The underpass will enable the highways to merge and if a flyover is to be built, a fresh notification and tender will have to be floated,” she added.

Tinagale Vikramarjun Hegde, BJP President; Mattaru Rathnakar Hegde and others were present.

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  1. Udupi: CM Siddaramaiah’s Statement on Eating Beef is Unconstitutional – Shobha Karandlaje.

    Is killing of an innocent person at Dadri, alleging that he ate beef, is Constitutional? Why the BJP and RSS leaders justify it?

    This woman says that beef eating is unconstitutional. In India, beef eating is allowed under the law of the land, subject to certain restrictions. Beef eating and butchering of cows is permitted by RSS in Goa and in the states ruled by BJP, in the states like Meghalaya, Arunanchal, Nagaland, Mizoram, etc. Why?

    Is beef eating legal if the non-Hindus are in majority in any state ruled by BJP? Is this the RSS Dharma Sutra ?

    Is land mafia and mining mafia by her colleague in Karnataka legal? Is there separate law for Shobha Karandlaje and Yediyurappa?

    • Dear Advocate Pai-maam,

      Why not we discuss the Constitutional validity of ED raid on the “damad” of Congress,? Hope you will be able to digest the below news after taking a few “Ajeerna” pills suggested your Pai-brother from USA?


      By: ABP News Bureau | Last Updated: Tuesday, 3 November 2015 12:26 PM |

      NEW DELHI: Your channel ABP News has unravelled yet another scam. ABP News investigation has revealed that Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra sold land to a company that only exists on papers, whereas every other thing about the company was a lie.


      A controversial land deal was made in which a piece of Bikaner land exchanged many hands before coming to Robert Vadra. Vadra bought the land at Rs 79 lakh and in a short-span of 4 years, sold it to a company called Allegany Finlease Pvt Ltd in 2012 for Rs 5 crore 44 lakh.
      The company was registered to a CR Park address, which turned out to be of the office of a CA. After 15 days of investigation, company’s director and companies share-holders were also fake.


      When ABP News went to the registered address of Allegany Finlease Pvt Ltd, the company was not found. Instead, it was the office of company’s CA. The CA didn’t speak on camera. However, on candid cam, he accepted that the company was fake. He said the company only exists on paper.


      Allegany Finlease Pvt Ltd has three directors. While one is a manger in other company, the other evaded camera and the third didn’t come out of his house to meet us.


      ABP News investigated few shareholders of the company. When we reached those addresses, many shareholders didn’t know they owned shares of the company. Many shareholders were not even living on the addresses. Out of the 7 lakh 97 shares, half belong to the company director.


      Bhushan Power and Steel limited had paid the loan of Rs 5 crore 64 lakh to the company. The loan is still not paid back.


      Robert Vadra in an email reply said the main aim of the news is to defame him and create sensation at the behest of Modi government. He said it is not binding to a person to know about the credentials of the company he is selling his land to.

      Dear BN Pai maam,

      Do you buy the above illogical argument of your party’s damad, being an advocate?
      When will Vadra go to the birth place of Sri Krishna?

      • When will Vadra go to the birth place of Sri Krishna? Kadengodlu Shankara Bhat asks me.

        sir, when Modi went to USA recently he raised the matter there. He should rather prosecute and punish Vadra in the court of law in India. He is not doing it. Ask him to prove the crime and get him punished.

        Do you agree with Arun Shaurie that Modi’s government = (Congress + Cow) government?

        The ‘Birth place of Krishna’ is in side a mosque in Mathura. Ask Modi and RSS to hand it over to the Hindus.

      • Kadengodlu Shankara Bhat – “Dear Advocate Pai-maam, … When will Vadra go to the birth place of Sri Krishna?”


        BUT, IF MODI CAN NOT SEND VASUNDHARA RAJE, HER HUSBAND, HER SON AND HER DAUDHTER-IN-LAW TO “the birth place of Sri Krishna’, NEVER EVER DREAM OF SENDING “Vadra go to the birth place of Sri Krishna”

    • Mr. Pai,

      Here is ANOTHER chaddi who has gone berserk! But then, since the BJP is at the centre, I suppose it is very constitutional!


      Excerpts: NEW DELHI: Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah has been threatened that he will be beheaded for his recent comments on beef. The Congress politician had said that nobody could stop him from eating beef if he chose to, and this has led a local leader from BJP – SN Chanabasappa – to threaten him with dire consequences.

      I wonder WHERE this country is headed – especially AFTER the Chaddis came to power at the centre! I guess it is just a wait and watch game.

      And now, we have the RBI Guv talking about “tolerance”. Captains of top industries have pitched in with their voices too. ONLY Bruce Lee’s bro – beloved Aroona JetLee says that the PM is being targeted! Lol! What a joke! The Joke pitching in his 2 bits for his Joker MASTER!

      Reminds me of some simple-minded chap who sought asylum in Yumreeka and defends on both sides of the ‘pond’. Lol.

      How I wish somebody could translate the above into Malayalam or his beloved “samskrutam”. Lol! Malayalam is thriving! But what about the latter? 🙂

  2. What is “unconstitutional” about good-ol Siddhu’s statement? This lady sure is a JokeRani.

  3. Shobha Karandlaje’s comment:

    She says what CM has said about eating beef is unconstitutional. Then Her own colleague , a central Minister (Hails from Assam) has said he is eats beef. What about that? Is it also constitutional? or do you have a deferent twist to that!

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