Udupi: Couples from Kazakhstan tie the knot according to Hindu Traditions

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Udupi: Bonding together in the rich traditional heritage of India, 2 Kazakhstan couples tied knots in Hindu tradition at Teerthabailu temple, Pandeshwar Sasthan here on January 16. Ruslam and Erina, Ruslam and Ludmila wedded each other in Hindu customs and traditions.

Ruslam, the director of Maharishi Yogi Association of Holland, was inspired by the rich traditional heritage of India, especially with the Hindu customs and traditions. He has visited India many times and his meeting with Rajeshekar Madhyastha inspired him about the Hindu religion. He organised a Yaga with the help of Rajshekar Madhyastha in Holland, which was later cancelled.

In his brief visit to India this January, he performed Maharudra Yaga at Hrishikesh and decided to marry his friend Erina, who is a teacher in the Maharishi Yogi Association in Holland, according to Hindu customs and traditions. When he expressed his desire with Erina, she immediately agreed to it and came to India.

The other couple Ruslam and Ludmila have served in the army. Their friend Kiminda Myakatish also joined the ritual by holding Kanyadan. The relatives and friends of the both the couples had arrived for their marriage from Kazakhstan. Rakesh Madhyastha, Dr K P Shetty and Gopalakrishna Udupa witnessed the wedding ceremony.

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