Udupi creates another ‘green corridor’ for live organ transport

Udupi creates another ‘green corridor’ for live organ transport

Udupi: The staff members of the Kasturba Hospital, Manipal, and the Udupi police joined hands for the smooth conduct of organ transplant in the district, including transportation.


Speaking to mangalorean.com, a close relative of Himanshu, Dr Gautham said, “We have made arrangements for a green corridor during the transportation of the organs from KMC Hospital Manipal to the Bajpe airport, ensuring zero traffic. The organs of Himanshu Rao a second year PU student was airlifted to Bengaluru by the 7.00 am flight.”

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Himanshu Rao was the son of pediatrician Dr Raviraj Rao, originally from Byndoor Kundapur taluk, Himanshu had met with an accident at Manipal near Ganapathi Temple on October 8. He was rushed to the KMC Hospital Manipal in a critical condition, as he had suffered severe head injury. The doctors of the Neurology department declared Himanshu brain dead at 11:30 pm on October 8.

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The family members decided to donate the organs of Himanshu to help other needy patients to live. Vital organs like the Kidneys, liver, and cornea were donated. The medical team from Manipal Hospital Bengaluru reached Manipal for harvesting the organs and for subsequent transplantation procedure at Bengaluru. The procedure of harvesting the organs was performed by the joint team at Kasturba Hospital, Manipal.

Dr Padmaraj Professor of Urology KMC Manipal said, “The organs were shifted to the ambulance at 6:00 am. The liver and Heart was transplanted to a patient in the Manipal Hospital Bengaluru. One kidney was sent to AJ Hospital and another to Yenapoya Hospital Mangaluru but they did not match the patient. The committee instructed to use both the kidneys to a patient in the KMC hospital Manipal. While the cornea will also be used in KMC Hospital Manipal”.

Superintendent of Police KT Balakrishna, DySP Kumarswamy and their team made the necessary arrangements for easy transportation of the organs – especially the “Green Corridor” and other logistics – to take place in a time-bound manner.