Udupi DC Jagadeesh Issues Guidelines for Border Sealdown from July 15 night to 29

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Udupi DC Jagadeesh Issues Guidelines for Border Sealdown from July 15 night to 29

Udupi: In the wake of the surge in COVID-19 cases in Udupi district, the Udupi district administration has decided to seal down all its borders from July 15 night 8:00 pm to July 29 said G Jagadeesh deputy commissioner of Udupi District.

Speaking during the press meet at the DC office on July 14 DC Jagadeesh said that, Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa, during the video conference meeting with the District In-charge Minister had asked the authorities to take the decision at the local level if it was necessary to enforce a lockdown.

The elected representatives and the public in Udupi have expressed their views in favour of the seal down to check the surge in COVID-19 cases.

The district administration has given time until July 15, 8:00 pm for all those who want to travel to other districts or enter the Udupi district to do so.

Home delivery of essential items will be allowed. Hotels and restaurants shall be permitted to operate kitchens for take-away or home delivery of food items only.

Public transportation services which include KSRTC and private buses will remain suspended during the seal down period. Interstate, Inter-district goods service vehicle will be permitted during the seal down period.

No religious congregation will be permitted without any exception, and all social/ cultural/ religious functions/ gatherings shall be barred.

The government has continued to allow weddings with a limited number of guests. According to the seal down guidelines, weddings are now allowed with more than 50 guests. As per the guidelines, the organisers or the hosts must ensure that the guests maintain social distancing at all times. In the case of funerals, congregations of more than twenty people will not be permitted.

To maintain social distancing a gathering of more than 20 people, including Archaka/Priest/Mouli is not allowed at the Temple/Church or Mosque.

DC Jagadeesh appealed to the public to cooperate with the district administration in checking the spread of the virus.

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  1. Will the other state labour who is coming udupi to work on sevasindu pass, can they enter Udupi from16 July 2020

  2. Salute to the DC, for his performance. There is more scope for our DC to standout in the entire country not only by performance but by taking brave/humane decisions.

    Even a hotel or bakery or a business would need a few days to plan and shut down but our entire country was shut down in 4 hrs. This decision not only put migrants in trouble, even distributed Corona to every nook and corner of the country. I am sure WHO to be blamed as well.

    The best part of DC’s decision is allowing time for people to move out or move in. If UDUPI hospitals have spare capacity to handle Covid, i strongly suggest that they should open up the borders for our own people. In the end we all know who are the people who want to come and why are they coming here…

    Even enemies are given protection when they surrender. These are our own people who are coming here to save their life. If UDUPI hospitals are running full, then absolutely no problem. DC could openly mention the same and declare the reason for not allowing inflow.

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