Udupi: Dean Gunnarson Escapes from Tomb – Buried Alive Escape Art

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Udupi: Thousands of people witnessed world famous escape artiste, Dean Gunnarson, escape from the tomb that he was buried in, on Sunday, February 22 at the Christian High School Ground.












The stunning Dean, who was as fresh as he was before entering the grave, waved his hands out from the heaps of mud that covered the tomb at 6:54 pm for the first time in 24 hours. Before the breathtaking act, the escape artiste said ‘hello’ to the crowd at 6.15 pm and said that he is all set to come out. As Dean was getting ready for the escape art, the power supply that was provided to him inside the tomb was disconnected at 6.50 pm. There was no ventilation inside the tomb and no supply of oxygen.

Once he was out, the energetic stuntman was completely drenched in sweat and his health condition was checked. He took an energy tablet and a gulp of juice and later water. He gestured with cheerful mood and said that it was indeed a difficult experience. He voiced his hunger and exhaustion. “I had to find the way to make courage for the great escape”. He thanked everyone for their unconditional support. He called upon the people to be careful in all phases of life. He said, “One should always have hopes and should always believe in one’s dream. Nothing is impossible.”

Dean was constantly monitored by his safety expert Carytardi and main assistant Jeff Gunnarson. At least 20-60 people at a time would be on spot to observe him and talk to him frequently.

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