Udupi: Dowry Harassment! Dr Apeksha Files complaint against Capt Abhishek

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Udupi: A dowry harassment case has been filed by Dr Apeksha D Rao against her husband Capt Abhishek in the Town police station here on June 11.

According to the complaint, Dr Apeksha was married to Capt Abhishek on May 31, 2013 in the Shamili Hall, Udupi according to the Hindu rituals. On December 16, 2012 while the marriage was fixed the would be in-laws demanded Rs 5 lakh as dowry. But Dr Apeksha’s parents due to financial problems were able to pay only Rs 3 lakh at the time of marriage.

After the marriage, Dr Apeksha was taken to Bengaluru by her husband to his aunt Nina’s house. Later Capt Abhishek took Dr Apeksha to his apartment in Zanci, Uttar Pradesh. Since then her problems increased as her in-laws along with her husband demanded her to bring more dowry. She was being harassed by all of them. In 2014 March, Abhishek came to Chitpadi Udupi and demanded Dr Apeksha’s parents to pay more dowry and also used foul language. In 2015, March Capt Abhishek sent a divorce letter to Dr Apeksha.

In this regard Dr Apeksha filed a complaint in the Udupi Town police against Capt Abhishek R Chandavarkar, mother-in-law Priya and aunt Nina Rao. In this regard a case has been registered under 498 (A) IPC section 3, 4 and 6.

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  1. Hope the actual facts will be revealed under the excellent control and management by The Udupi Police.

    If the statements are correct… how can refined educated people do this?

  2. So he first files for divorce, and then she decides that she wants to file a complaint using 498A. Why do I not believe her story entirely?

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