Udupi: Fatal Error – Woman Brushes Teeth with Rat Poison and Dies

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Udupi: It has been pointed out many a time in these columns how brands of rat poison being marketed in collapsible tubes closely resembling those of toothpastes could lead to fatal errors.


Sometimes the fault lies with the users who do not take enough care to place the rat poison tubes safely away from easy access to prevent erroneous use.

In another case of a tragic mix-up, Tara Shedti (78), after food on the night of Jan 4, wrongly picked up the rat poison tube and brushed her teeth. She fell severely ill and was admitted to a hospital in Manipal.

In spite of treatment, she breathed her last on Jan 9 evening. A case has been registered at the Brahmavar police station.

Fatal Errors – Take Care!



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