Udupi: Give freedom to Children to make their Own Choice – SP Annamalai

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Udupi: “Discipline cannot be taught to a child orally. At the same time, the child should learn discipline from their parents practically,” said SP Annamalai. He was addressing the parents after inaugurating the Parents Teachers Association meet at Mount Rosary English Medium School Santhekatte, Kallianpur here, on Friday, June 26.

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“If parents themselves lack discipline in their lives, the child may not be able to learn discipline. A child’s education starts in the house. Hence, mothers can impart values to children at a very early stage of life,” he said.

Parents can impart values more effectively by becoming role models rather than giving oral advises, he added. “Parents should never use harsh words or scold them for the mistakes they commit. Scolding children may harm the child mentally. Parents should teach children their responsibilities, manners and the do’s and don’ts. It is unscientific to punish children while teaching discipline. Parents should always be friendly with their children while teaching them the values and discipline.”

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Parents play a vital role in deciding the career of their children. But sometimes, high expectations of the parents can put pressure on the kids. Parents look at the booming trend and the salary, thinking that higher the salary, double the happiness. They should give freedom to their children to choose their areas of interest and excel in that, he added.

Susheela Rai, Professor of Arts section, SMS College Brahmavar, explained the responsibility of the parents. Fr Philip Neri Aranha, Correspondent of the school, presided over the function. On behalf the school, Fr Philip Neri felicitated SP Annamalai on the occasion.

Ravi Acharaya (president of Parents Teachers Association) and Sr Adrian Serrao (Headmistress of the school) were present on the dais. Sunil Poojary welcomed the gathering, Umesh compered the programme.

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  1. The future of a child depends on her/his aptitude. These can be perceived by the parents during their early days and of course during their scholastic studies. Perceiving these … they can be provided with valuable advice guidelines.

    There are cases where parents force their children to take up courses like medicine or engineering against their wishes and later on the mistakes are realized when it is too late. Mr. Annamalai’s advice in this direction is sound and practical and worth following.

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