Udupi: ‘Good Values Instilled can Change Lives’ – Dr Sulochana Bhandarkar at Shirva

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Udupi: A programme on value-based education was organized under the joint aegis of Mulki Sunder Ram Shetty College, Shirva and India Foundation in the college auditorium on Monday, July 13.


As the resource person, Dr Sulochana Bhandarkar, an active member of the India Foundation, said that the moral values taught by Lord Krishna in the Kurukshetra battle instilled vigour and strength into Partha’s personality and enabled him to register a decisive victory.

Similarly, inculcating ideal morals in the students could help them to change their lives and help them win the battle of examinations, she said

College principal Prof Vinobnath presided over the programme. Students’ council joint secretary Priya welcomed the guests. Ganesh introduced the guests. Ajay proposed a vote of thanks.

Student welfare officer Prof T Murugeshi and S A Bhandarkar were present at the programme.

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  1. Value based Educational systems in India will help hundreds of millions of students at all levels to gain within and outside India. India’s history of the past, the Vedic scriptures, the Ramayanas, the Mahabharathas, the Bhagvadgheetas – are all valuable ingredients for everyone to read and relish the values that are built in the past history and mythology.

    Experts in the West are of the strong opinion that India’s democratic values as well as India’s valuable Secular values are very important to observe and admire. There is something that lies beneath all the good deeds that take place in India for a peaceful coexistence of mankind. India, in spite of all the headlines we possess is still a great country that is admired by the West. The peaceful non-violence led by Mahatma Gandhi, the survival of India with a population of nearly 1.3 billion and the manner in which we carry on with our daily life of peace and harmony – these are all facts and figures that the Western world is keenly watching and admiring.

    Thank you, Dr. Sulochana, for all your efforts in promoting the Educational values in India. Our nation depends so much on Educational upgrading that will keep us moving day after day – one day at a time.

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