Udupi: Gram Panchayat Polls – BJP Candidates Register Highest Number of Seats Across District

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Udupi: The Bharathiya Janata Party candidates won the highest number of gram panchayat seats across the district.

Vinay Kumar Sorake, Minister for Urban Development and Minister in-charge of District, said that the people voted for the Congress supported candidates after considering the social welfare projects implemented in Kaup constituency, which is a good sign. “The BJP played numerous tricks like distributing money, alcohol, saris and even defamed the Congress government during the election campaign, but the people have voted Congress candidates for the development work implemented by the government.

alaji R Mendon, a former MLA, expressed his satisfaction over the performance of BJP candidates in the Kaup constituency and said that the ‘Suvarna Bhoomi Yojana’ programme and other programmes implemented by the then BJP government has led the people to vote for their candidates in the GP elections. “The Congress leaders have been inaugurating projects which were implemented by the then BJP government. The people are aware of BJP’s developmental initiatives,” he added.

Physically challenged Ashfaq Ahmmed won the election. Ashfaq Ahmed (45), who is physically challenged due to polio, has been contesting in the GP polls for the last 4 times but had lost each time. This time Ashfaq has won by a margin of 70 votes. He has contested from Paduthonse 11-12 ward. He is a social worker and has been serving the society since 25 years.

Wife wins Husband loses

In a rare instance, a couple had contested for the GP polls from Paduthonse Gram Panchayat. Sadiq and his wife, Parvin had won the last GP polls. But this time, Parvin won the elections while Sadiq lost.

Deviprasad Shetty, former president of Belapu Gram Panchayat, has won again. As per the primary reports, in the Kaup constituency the BJP has won 19 seats and Congress 8.

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Udupi: (Update 11.23 am)

Udupi Taluk Grama Panchayt winners (Annouced wards)

Avarse                   –  Pramod Hegde (Hilyana 1), Chittaranjandas Shetty

Majooru               – Laxmi

Barkur                   –  B Shantharam Shetty (Kachoor)

Pandeshwar        – Vijaya Poojary (Moodahadu)

Thenkanidiyoor –  Suresh Nayak (Kelarkalabettu)

Kota                        –  Vishalakshi Marakalthi, Rajaram Shetty (Giliyaru), G S Panduranga, Nagarathna Herle, Ajith Devadiga

80 Badagabettu – Vasanthakumar, Susheela (Badagabettu 2)

Vandaru                –  Sharadha, Chandra Handa (Billadi)

Kadooru                –  Shalini Jogi, Sathyanarayana

Anjaru                   – Sundara Poojary, Sumangala

Perdooru              – Sunanda, Dinesh, Pushpa Poojary, Ramesh

Ydthadi                  – Joythi Shetty, Kishor Kumar

Shirva                     – Umavathi, Suresh Nayak

Kurkalu                   – Chamila, Vincent Rodrigues

Kotatattu                – Shyamala, Lokesh Shetty, Uma S Upadhya

Kodibettu               –  Divya, Raju Poojary

Innanje                   –  Pushpa, Chandrashekar

Palimar                   – Sooraj, Krishna Kumar (Nandikooru)

Mudarangadi         – Gabrial Mathais, Vasanthi Devadiga

Katapadi                 – Pushpa Poojary, Premkumar, Sridhar Poojary, Suguna Poojary, Raheem

Handari                   – Sumarthi Poojary, Sudhir Kumar Shetty

Karje                         – Rathnakara, Srilatha

Athradi                     – Shyamala, Prameela, Sadashiva Nayak

Arooru                      – Manoj Naika, Malini Shetty, Rajeeva Kulal

Alevooru                  – Shakunthala, Harish

Bellampalli             –  Jyothi, Santhosh

Havanje                    – Sumathi, Vasanthi Shetty, Sathish Shetty

Belle                           – Nithin, Mamatha Wagle, Gurur

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IMG_5470 IMG_5472 IMG_5473 IMG_5476 IMG_5480

Udupi: Counting of votes polled on May 29 for the Gram Panchayat elections began in three centres in the district on Friday June 5.

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The counting of votes is held at St Cicely’s College Udupi, Bhandarkarkars Arts and Science College Kundapur and Jaycees English medium School Karkala, the 3 taluk head quarters.

The district has recorded 70.57 percentage of polling in the elections held for the 2,126 seats in 155 gram panchayats. Karkala taluk recorded the highest with 74.9 per cent, followed by Kundapur taluk which recorded 71.19 per cent and Udupi taluk which recorded 70.55 per cent.

For Detailed Result of Udupi Taluk Click Here

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  1. They are all same. Nothing changes at ground level. Wherever you go, one can see a complete lack of focus on planned development and management of our resources. I hope these elected leaders understand the grand vision of Sri Modiji and work towards a stronger, prosperous nation by applying honesty, hard work and planning. However, if past is any indication, these guys will continue to engage in silly political bickering and corruption. I wish we had thousands of Modijis.

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