Udupi: ‘Helping’ Hand to Sleight of Hand: Theft of Rs 6.50-lakh Gold in Konkan Train

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Udupi: A case has been registered in Manipal police station regarding theft of gold ornaments during journey in Konkan train earlier this week.


Pramod Shetty of Kodavoor has stated in his complaint that he travelled from Mumbai to Udupi on May 17. He mistook the Barkur station for Udupi and got down with his baggages. When he realized his error, he hurriedly got in.

As he was doing so, four other passengers helped him in putting the baggage back into the train. But taking their help appeared to have cost him dear.

He got down in Udupi railway station after sunrise. But when reached home and checked the baggage, a shock awaited him. A red bag which was among others was found cut open from a side. Gold ornaments weighing 279 gms and valued at Rs 6.50 lakhs had been taken away.

It has remained a mystery as to how the miscreants knew the exact bag and the location of gold in it.

The Manipal police have registered a case and are investigating the matter.

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