Udupi: Let us not mess up Yoga with Religion – Minister R V Deshpande

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Udupi: Yoga is a form of exercise for good health and it should not be made into a religious issue, said R V Deshpande, Minister for Tourism and Higher Education. He was speaking to questions raised by the media persons on celebrating of International Yoga Day during his visit to Udupi here, on June 12.
“There is no compulsion for any individual to perform Yoga. It is their choice. Let us not mess up an exercise called Yoga with religion. The state government has made no compulsion on performing Yoga but Yoga keeps a person healthy.”
“The expansion of the cabinet is the job of the Chief Minister. When he sees the need for a cabinet expansion he will do so, after consultations with the high command.” While asked whether the CM has assessed the performance of his ministers, Deshpande said that no assessment of the ministers performance has been made but the CM regularly reviews every department.
Pramod Madhwaraj, MLA Udupi Constituency; Yuraj Puttur, CMC President; Ramesh Kanchan, CMC Councillor and others were present.

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  1. I agree with minister. Yoga keeps you healthy while education makes you smarter and intelligent. Unfortunately, there are certain groups who reject both health and wisdom based on the religious affiliation. This explains why ‘vote banks’ are not known for smart decisions and keep voting for the same Kaangress party, known for moral bankruptcy!! LOL

  2. Indeed YOGA IS AN EXERCISE which can keep mind and body healthy. This form of exercise has a long history which goes back to six thousand years when ancient yogis taught this form of FITNESS EXERCISES to people.

    Indeed this vital exercise cannot and should not be mixed up with any religion. I am a christian but I firmly believe in yoga and thanks Padma Bhushan Dr. B.M. Hegde I have gone through a YOGA program attending Yoga classes for several months at Bharatya Vidya Bhavan and I faithfully exercise for thirty-five minutes every day starting at 4.30 a.m. Again I have no hesitation in stating that at my ripe old age of ninety-four I can boast of good health

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