Udupi: MLA Pramod Madhwaraj’s Rolls-Royce Ghost worth Rs 5.8 crore arrives

Udupi: First ever Rolls Royce costing Rs 5.8 crore finally arrived in the city here on June 11.

From the past two three days there were rumours that a blue Rolls-Royce Ghost car will arrive in the City. On June 11, finally the dream car of MLA Madhwaraj arrived to Udupi. The total cost of the car on Road is Rs 5.8 crore including Rs 2.89 crore import duty.




From Past two years at Kolalagiri in the outskirts of Udupi, MLA Madhwaraj was constructing a new house and his dream was to buy a new car to his new house.

Speaking to mangalorean.com MLA Madhwaraj said, “I had a desire to buy a car to my newly built house. I have purchased a Rolls-Royce Ghost with my hard earned money. In social media from past two three days there was a discussion about this car and youth were crazy about it. I have purchased this car from Mumbai and today on June 11, the representatives from Rolls Royce company handed over to the car keys to me”.

This is the first ever expensive car in Udupi.

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raj shetty

Good choice , but not for a MLA status who represent people , how abt other congress leader including soniya/ rahul will fell about whether said MLA’s passion towards simple life or luxury life ! people please watch for the next election


Congratulations Mr Madhvaraj.
it is your hard earned money.
You deserve to enjoy it.
But custom duty was too much.
Your car insurance will be around Rs 5 lak per year.
They may charge another Rs 5 lak per year for the service charges.

sHaiKh mohD rizwan

Dear readers, Reddy, who once owed debtors several crores of rupees in the late 1990s, a decade later admitted that he and his wife alone have assets worth over Rs 150 crore, thanks to his illegal mining business.A number of luxury cars line the Reddy homes, ranging from Bentleys and Mercs to the latest SUVs and Range Rovers. Reddy brothers even would heli-hop between Bellary and Bangalore even for lunch or dinner. He presented a golden sword worth Rs 40 lakh to national BJP president Nitin Gadkari. The mining baron told the court that the chopper – a Bell 407… Read more »


Hi.., Mukesh has a brand new BMW 7-series High Security, which is his current most expensive car.

I hope Udupi municipality will construct better roads with the help of the state government so that the car can be used properly. Dharmasthala Hegde had a Rolls Royce in the late sixties. That was no big deal as the media was hopelessly inadequate those days.If some movie star has a big car, if Sachin Tendulkar has a big car, why not Pamma? Pamma is no less than a star.He has money and he wants to enjoy it now. Let him enjoy.


IS there any proof that it is his own money!!


@vaibhav yes there is proof for every single ruppees which he as earned unlike other MLA’s who buy imported cars in others name that too it’s purchased from there black money unlike pramod who is born silver spoon, his father was a successful businessman and his mother was in politics and he too is successfully businessman before joining politics. He now handles is father’s company Raj Fish Oil which was started somewhere in late 1960’s. So there is proof for everything whatever he does. He is considered to be a clean image person in malpe and udupi 🙂