Udupi: P Madhwaraj should prove which MLA’s receiving 10% Commission on Grant – Raghupathi Bhat

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Udupi: MLA Pramod Madhwaraj should prove with evidence as to which MLA’s in the state are receiving 10% commission on the grant released to their constituencies said Raghupati Bhat, Former MLA Udupi Constituency. He was addressing the mediapersons at a press meet held at the Press Club here on February 10.

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He alleged that Pramod Madhwaraj in a programme in Bengaluru had said that he has released Rupees 1320 crore in his constituency and if other MLA’s were in his place they would have received 10% commission on the grant released. MLA Pramod should justify his statement to the state and if there are any MLA’s receiving 10% commission then he should declare their names.

Pramod should release a list of the grant given by the BJP government to Udupi constituency and also the list of the grant given by the central government and then should furnish the list of the grant given by the Congress government. When I was the MLA I have not come across any fact of MLA’s receiving commission, Pramod has insulted the system, he said.

A DPR was prepared for Kokkarne multi-village drinking water scheme while the BJP was in power in the state, but no action was initiated by Pramod Madhwaraj to implement the scheme. When BJP was in power in the state Pramod Madhwaraj used to supply water in tankers in November but as soon as the Congress came to power he has stopped the initiative. The water has been supplied to Panchayats through the Task Force Committee for which the fund has been provided by the Central Government but MLA Pramod is harassing the officials not to release money to the Panchayats which does not have his photograph attached to the water tanker.

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Pramod Madhwaraj has neglected the development of Udupi constituency. Kaup has first become TMC instead of Brahmavar; the PG centre has been shifted to Kaup from Kolalgiri. The creation of Brahmavar taluk is still in vain. Pramod was very enthusiastic while distributing BPL cards, but he is silent when the BPL cards are cancelled. He has even failed to give the title deeds fot the land to the homeless people. Corruption is at its peak in the CMC and Town Development Authority.

Able candidates of BJP are in fray in Udupi constituency for the ZP and TP polls. We are confident of winning the constituencies in ZP and TP elections.

Sheela K Shetty, ZP candidate Brahmavar; BN Shanker Poojary Perdoor; Umesh Poojary Kallianpur; Baba Udyavar and Balakrishna Shetty were present in the press meet.

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  1. Pramod may be right .. at least he explained the fact of our current and past MLA’s reputation to the general public… let Ragupathi Bhat declare his current asset / current venturers in udupi ( for the past 5-10years ) how he suddenly become big time real estate business man , recently opened start hotel in manipal.. where he got the money . i seen him in late 1900’s he was a ordinary person in udupi ..

    public should put FIR to him, let him prove his source of income first!

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